Horde character/class meta

Hopefully no more. Some much needed changes i read in the patch notes reguarding horde characters and classes. I’m very happy JD got nerfed. Its very annoying to have a character/class meta Bc most group require this require that. Hopefully these changes brings everyone closer to together in terms of how good a class is. Real test will be playing this all out and I really hope they got this right and got everyone on the same page.


Im only speculating but now that the freedom lancer has been added to fab for everyone I think we are going to see a rise in GL spamming. JD has been nerfed so I think there is going to be more GL fire than ever before just to kill one enemy. My questions always remain the same when news of a patch are incoming like What new meta is going to be implemented to combat the grind? What character will replace JD? Are we going to end uo back here talking about a new Horde meta? Will people call for a nerf of a character who can easily dominate a match?

I honestly don’t know if nerfing JD and Keegan was a good move because gamers are resiliant and I am sure there will be a new meta to work around this patch but the real question is will it be for the better or will we end up back at square one?

There may be short-term increase in GL spamming.

In the longer term, I hope that through a combination of hosts kicking players; and also players learning about the changes to other characters, they will gradually use other characters more and more. I mean, Marcus is a very powerful character even before Op 4. Fahz as well can hold his own and with these extra buffs, they will become even more powerful.

Some people will be forever stuck in the usual JD-Horde-meta because they’re just not adaptable. But I’ve played with and supported some friends who are very much JD-Horde-meta players and done no-JD and no-bleed runs with them on master and cleared all 50 waves, so have proven to them that it can be done and more easily than they originally expected.

But then again, maybe I’m just being overly optimistic!

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Ive done the same. I started a campaign a few months ago and hosted my own games without JD just to show people how powerful other characters are and that master Horde can be completed without him. Personally speaking the nerf to JD does not effect me as I do countless runs without him and when I had hime he was purely a support character who use artillery strike in the event we were getting over run. I am just speculating on the games in social and what they are going to become. From what I gathered from those that played JD is the spamming manner was purely to combat the grind that is gears 5 which is fair in my opinion. Now i wasnt a fan of it and never played like it but never stopped people hosting their own games from playng in such a way.

As long as Fahz, Marcus, Clayton and Cole are viable for horde im perfectly fine. I know they got their buffs and a card here and there but have yet to play them in Horde to see how the changes play. Not entirely happy with engineer getting shafted but again I will wait and see how the games have changed.

I would love to be optimistic and hope I am entirely wrong but I just don’t have that when I am playing a game with a horrible RNG system, horrendous grind and a community who will stop at nothing to find a way around it.

Hahahaha!!! You make a great point.
People were mad that JD was always there and folks demanded him - Now if they demand JD AND Keegan that’ll be hilarious.
More GL spam because they hated it and demanded it be nerfed so it was.
That’d be rich!

Not everyone hated the GL spamming. There are a number of players who, for some unknown reason, find this be fun. Like I said I am only speculating but I have seen a number of games where everyone had a GL and nuked their way to the finish line. Sure those that were upset about JD are happy but those that were fine with JD are upset, can’t please everyone, we cant stop players from playing this way and I think they will go for it. As well I would love to be wrong.

Slightly off topic but I was hoping we could purchase pistols in the fabricator. It is nice we can buy tri shots now. I’ve done 50 waves and had zero enemies using them.
I don’t predict a rise in GLs. Without JDs bleed and capacity perks, tri shots are better.