Horde character abilities, duplicate characters

I think I’ve found a way to resolve the character abilities issue with players wanting to be duplicate characters in the same match, make it two ideas, the first is a horde playlist dedicated to classic horde, no abilities just classic gears 3 fortifications and a repair tool every player can buy from the fabricator, second would be if there are duplicate characters in the normal match kills for ability cooldown could be toned diem and the duplicate characters would have to share the ability, this would add team communication element to gameplay requiring players to let each other know when they are going to use the shared ability, best to keep the duplicate character warning at the start in the lobby before the game starts, stating duplicate characters will have to share their abilities with said duplicates, this is an easier resolution them completely removing or changing abilities to appease everyone, hey add the playlist And this ability duplication change and its resolved.

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This could be an interesting idea. There could also be a gears 2 classic horde, but with the ability to purchase and upgrade barriers since there is no boom shield. First and foremost I would like to see WAY more classic characters return, since that was an important part of the horde experience.

This would work great in private lobbies, since the community wouldn’t be divided further among separate playlists.

All in all I like your idea, but I think we’re in desperate need of a large character roster first. I’m sorely disappointed my gears 4 characters don’t carry over when TC isn’t shy about carrying maps over.

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The sheer lack of characters is astounding to me. Especially when Sarah Connor and Grace both get unique skill trees for Horde.

We only have one member of the original Delta Squad, even though two others have character models in the game. There’s not a single Carmine. No Anya, no Hoffman, no Paduk, and the first two DLC COG characters we get are a generic Gear and a DeeBee that can’t be used for Horde.

It’s incredibly disappointing and makes Horde matches feel more repetitive and same-y. Every match is Del/Jack/JD and two others, one of whom will definitely quit by wave 10.

Totally agree with you there. Can’t play as my favorite characters, plus the deebee isn’t even usable in horde or escape. I’m pretty sure the gears sandbox is big enough to allow for some useful abilities on the deebee.

It’s probably to avoid confusion for some players because of Rejects.

Probably, however, I do think players would learn not to shoot the blue deebees after a few games.

Well apparently bad players shooting Locust teammates was a big enough deal that they did COG vs COG in Gears J.

That’s a fair point, but since the deebee is playable in vs, I wouldn’t consider that a roadblock. This confusion also exists with the terminator characters on the swarm side, but TC felt it was ok to feature them.

They’re already considering allowing deebee in horde, I’m not sure what the purpose in debating it further is.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks gears 3’s horde was the best. You had fixed locations to build forts. You couldn’t put them where you wanted. They put sentry guns in front of the barriers for gods sake. They also cost a ■■■■ ton of cash to keep repaired and they were very brittle. If you wiped on a wave you lost everything. You basically had to complete the wave with 0 cash or start over. You could only repair fortifications in between waves. If a fence went down you had to wait till the round was over to rebuild it. The silverback is a prime example. You couldn’t afford to use missiles on that thing cause it forced you to stand still. You had to treat it as a mobile turret cause it was so expensive to repair and it’s defense was weak. It wasn’t a tank it was a glass cannon.

As for the horde abilities I actually like them. The no duplicates is a double edged sword. It sucks but it also prevents a comp of Del, Jack and 3 JDs. Let’s not fool ourselves. If there were no duplicates NO ONE would be using Fahz and Marcus in masters. I would however split classes and characters. I like playing engineer but id rather play as someone else than Del.

I’ve been trying to level up Grace on Horde. Let me tell you, she completely sucks unless she has the Warden’s breaker mace with the Mace skill card equipped. And even if she does have the mace, she still has to get up close to melee anyone and will be instantly shot down by other enemies or knocked down by a random shock grenade.

You also have to make sure you don’t let the mace run out of ammo because it disappears, and then you’re back to being useless again. The 4% stim per melee hit is instantly erased when you get shot or meleed back.

On lower horde levels she’s essentially unstoppable with the breaker mace; but anything harder than Advanced difficulty, she’s not much use at all.

Grace needs a huge health buff or stim bonus or something so she can actually use the melee as she’s intended.

I didn’t know they were considering it, so thanks for the info.

Yes. And the response has been overwhelmingly in favor of it, not surprisingly. I believe the survey they took ended with almost 80% in favor.

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Sadly that seems to be various chars and perks. On lower difficulties they work but on higher ones they just aren’t feasible. I think it’s ■■■■■■■■ that Grace is even in the game. I don’t care that she’s not from the gears universe. They charged $20 just for her and she still has half as many perks as the other dlc chars. Kat, Emile and Sarah have half as many perks but they didn’t charge $20 each for them.

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