Horde changes old locust

Loving the old locust back in the mix. If only we could get lambent to replace the robots it be prefect.

That’s it.


In OP7. some Lambent will join the fray.


The last Horde event was a free for all between locust, lambent and cog, it was freaking awesome. They confirmed the lambent will show up after a few bugs are crushed.

I would love if they could add the proper Lambent death explosion. I am really thankful that they brought all these enemies back but Im just one of them its has to be like it was or better lol.

is this confirmed?

I hope we get lambent drudge into the mix.

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Michael confirmed the Lambent will join Horde in the next major patch

I don’t know if there is any speculation thiis will include new Lambent or just the ones we had in the Nexus Siege event

Edit to add Sauce

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Will kantus ever apear?


I don’t know sorry, I don’t work at the studio or know what their future plans are.

Would love it if they did though (especially Armoured Kantus).


Yeah I was hoping they found the ai for the kantus cause we haven’t had a enemy that can pick enemies up from anywhere on the map in a while. (I Think)


I don’t want to get too off topic, but would be nice if we got a few units that had immunity or resistance to certain damage types while rewarding skill or choosing the correct type of attack,

Armoured Kantus being immune to bleed for example but still having the Torque in the mouth instakill.

Lambent being weak to explosive but immune to bleed


I’d even accept them with a Talon instead of a Gorgon.
The scream animation is already there, they’d be fine with standard drone animations, but slightly taller.


Note to self : Do not retro charge a cyclops when revving :slight_smile:

Yeah try to catch them when shooting. If they are already revved Retro Charge in the other direction lol.

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Robots are the worst enemy addition to this game a speaks volumes of how the developers don’t get gears. It’s about the chunk, the flesh being ripped apart. Shooting robots is so lame in comparison.

I can think of a million other things worse then DBs. but to eaches own

lambent are fun to kill and they dont get chunked.

What if someone found sawing a robot in half more interesting due to the sound and also the fact that it didn’t fall apart into two like an organic opponent when the saw would have to go through armor, skin, flesh and bones for that to happen? It looks silly that a saw goes through that like there’s no resistance whatsoever. Are bodies made of jelly or butter?

And I love shooting off a DR-1s head. Don’t know why, just something about doing that I found great satisfaction in. Not to say doing it on Swarm or what have you is bad. But it’s just personal preferences in the end.


I like deactivating rejects, its super satisfying for me.

Just not gears to me

I like doing it when they’re charging to explode on you.

Kantus…if you remember when Gears 2 & 3, they’re able to Heal some of the HP to All Enemies. It would be Cool if TC add that.

I think somehow the Change lack the Specialization, because the Change was a Sudden, which we prefer it updated in Op 7.

I mean Swarm Type should have Lower HP but faster Movement, while DB Type should have the Highest Damage in Slower Movement and Locust Type should have Extra HP but less damage.