Horde challenges wave 50 only


can I run wave 50 only for the horde challenge?

On tuesday i get nothing. The last times it counts.
What is wrong? Am i doing something wrong?

No, they decided to “fix” it because clearly players have to spend the entire 30 minutes of a Frenzy or 2+ hours of a 50 wave Horde than getting to choose how we approach the daily to complete it.

Was this publicized or behind the scenes?

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Annoying, especially when you fail on the final wave because a Kestrel appears… :expressionless:


Behind the scenes. I detailed it in this thread as well, there was literally ZERO mention from anyone, at least on easily visible communication channels(by that I mean not something I have to dig through a Twitter account for) that TC removed both the high XP boost from the dailies as well as being able to complete the Horde ones by doing the final wave only.

I guess the only advantage I get from that is having to play all the classes to some degree to learn them(I don’t do the dumb “run from point a to b over and over until your class is maxed” stuff on Surge now), to get them to 20, but what is the point in the promotionals which are really nothing different to other classes you can play? And it’s not difficult to learn how to play them that much anyway. At least, for me.



Best way to take out kestrals and guardians

Yeah if doing these challenges you need a boss damage dealer. Tactician/demolitions/pilot are extremely viable for this.

Other good carries are veteran/infiltrator/gunner.

Veteran might struggle with certain bosses but he can clear out everything with his team and potentially combo with others for quick clears so the boss is singled out.

Infiltrator can do the same ,clear out tons of enemies or kill specific bosses, even a swarmak. Kestral would be annoying though, so would have to kill everything else.

Gunner is solid but again would struggle potentially on certain challenges POTENTIALLY. I think gunner can actually take care of a lot of things well, even a swarmak, but idk as I never really fought one. Prob best to clear out everything as him with his ult + bleed.

Idk about other classes as I haven’t really played them. Or the ones I have, like robotics expert, can’t really carry unless the dr1 with bleed doesnt get killed and shoots correctly, lol.

Just you need those boss killing classes or extremely fast clear comps. Biggest mistake I see in horde is when we don’t have good single target boss damage but good clear, but instead they focus a carrier instead of the other enemies.

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Or those [redacted] who go and shoot the freaking Matriarch in the chest when it’s on the opposite side of the map and then don’t even care to at least mark it so it’s more obvious where exactly it is at and doesn’t come up behind anyone who was more immediately preoccupied with the Elites and Scions in front of them.

lol i had that yesterday. they shot the matriarch literally 2 seconds in for some reason (they at least marked it) but yeah she â– â– â– â– â– â–  everything up. I was playing Jack though (this was during the event horde) so I was able to take my time and save the day and hi-jack clear all except the 2 bosses (carrier + matriarch).

A lot of people aren’t using the ice gun against her, which is weird. They made the cryo cannon a lot more effective against the matriarch recently but people seem to not have taken notice of this. You can easily take down a matriarch real quick now with it.

Come on, surely the point of a challenge is to actually play the game and not cheese it on wave 50. If you just play wave 50 you should get get 1/50th of the xp.


Because just making you spend more time in the match for something that isn’t usually much more difficult is such a challenge.

It wouldn’t be something I’d consider much of an issue if it didn’t come with what feels like the kneejerk reaction of also cutting all the rewards except the cards to practically zero.

But it is more difficult. You can change your whole team composition to easily do just wave 50 masters easily. A team that would be a major struggle to get through with playing legit. The whole point of the challenges is to get people playing the game. If the rewards are not worth the time for you, which is fine but you shouldn’t get the same XP as someone completing the challenge. I don’t expect to get the same rewards for getting 1000 kills in versus compared to someone who got the 100000. I made a choice on the value of that reward to my time.


I’m really not a Horde player at all for Gears 5 except for where necessary for Tour of Duty challenges, but come on now. Surely you didn’t think the rewards they put there were meant to be cheesed for beating wave 50 alone? I never even knew this was a thing by the way.

That’s hilarious when you look around at all of the complaints on all kinds of stuff here including that some things are too easy and then there’s complaining about fixing something that was clearly never meant to be this way.


You don’t get the rewards for doing all 12 waves or all 50 waves anyway. So there’s that.

And really, I don’t find team compositions chosen to beat the final wave very different to what you’d pick in a 1-12 or 1-50. I’ve done quite a few that didn’t involve picking Veteran and Marksman to cheese the wave of everything but the big boss(if it wasn’t a Swarmak since we all know it does not react very well to Icy Precision). And you don’t require an engineer to beat any of those modes either.

Moot point either way, no one tells us what is intentional. The actions are loud enough. Besides, I don’t think one should be playing these “challenges” for the rewards.

Alright, thanks. Well…One word “That’s ■■■■”

You’d be surprised, but cheesing is the biggest thing in this game. Most players seems to do whatever it takes to NOT have to actually play the game but instead just level up and get precious cards through exploiting.


TC is also doing whatever it takes to keep players from enjoying the game and instead just sinking their time into a redundant grind. Player retention is gained by providing good gameplay, not multiple carrots dangling in front of your audience’s faces.

Then why do players even bother playing?
There’s a whole lot of other games out there where one could invest time in a more constructive way than to play only the last stage of a game and hope to get all the goods over and over. Why would anyone even want a high level and lots of skill cards in a game they hate, only play one wave in and don’t even enjoy?

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Because people like Gears, and the series is unique so they can’t find a replacement elsewhere. Most people put up with the messy parts, like the obscene grind for skill cards.