Horde Bug | Locust out of map

Well, I could recorded how trigger the bug, with a Bastion and Sniper.

You can see in YouTube.

Youtube Video

How can I report to developers? It’s the second time that I lost a Horde because the same problem!

Can you stop already?

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The main body of my post was relevant, and I even blurred out the second bit, so you had to go out of your way to read it.

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Irrelevant. Fact is you’ve posted in another person’s thread on a totally different topic, blurred it out your little extra bit, people are not going to know whether it’s relevant to the original post or not, and will click on it. So not only are you spamming a different topic, but you’re also clickbaiting people.

Only the last bit was blurred, the relevant bit wasn’t.

Like I said, that’s irrelevant. People are going to click on the blurred bit because it’s blurred and people will assume it’s relevant to the discussion.

@GhostofDelta2 Sorry to bother you again.

I wouldn’t assume that, and I don’t know anyone who would.
That’s also not how spamming is defined in the community guidelines.

And for the OP - you can report bugs here:

@GhostofDelta2 losing hope in humanity ?

@XxXMoLoToViiXxX you were already playing Fahz. Have you tried killing him with the Ult?

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We want to foster deep discussions, whether it’s between fans or providing feedback to the development team.

Consider how your post adds to the conversation before posting.

. Is it enriching the discussion?

If not, step back for a moment and consider the content of your post.


Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.

Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

The main body of my post was straight up about the topic, it was me recounting my own encounters with this bug and expressing empathy towards OP.

So it did add to the discussion, and therefore is not classified as spam.

I’m sure the mods will agree with you.

Good work on derailing the thread though.

You’re just using that as a vehicle to push your own agenda (wanting Swarm/Locust to be playable in PVE). That would be like me saying “I’m so sorry that you have sick in hospital. Did I tell you that I recently went on holiday to Cuba and it was amazing?”

Fahz? I don’t know the exact class name in english, but in Spanish is “Tirador”, could be Sniper… We tried these, but the enemy has infinite life and he couldn’t kill. :frowning:

In support.gearsofwar.com I can’t submit anything

Yeah, that’s the one.

Well, that’s certainly new. Usually you can still kill them.

Try this link: they offer spanish support afaik:

Your example doesn’t work, under those circumstances, telling someone you went on vacation to Cuba isn’t “pushing an agenda”, it’s just tactless and incredibly insensitive to the other person’s loss.

@HerrKatzchen Frankly, the two of you have done far more to derail this thread than I, you’ve made more than twice the number of irrelevant posts in this thread then I have.

Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that you didn’t come here looking to help op, you just threw that link in as an after thought to cover your butts.

You saw my profile icon in the recent replies section, and clicked on this thread just to throw a fit and incorrectly flag my original post.

Please, stop acting like a couple of children, this whole “How dare you want something I don’t!”, Holier than thou attitude is not a good look for either of you.

You assume it’s because we just disagree with your wish to have playable Locust/Swarm in PVE modes, but actually it’s just because you’re spamming and derailing topics.

This topic wouldn’t have been derailed at all if you two had just ignored my post, but no, it got your knickers in such a twist that you had to nuke the whole thread with nonsense that was unrelated to OP’s plight.

The irony is that between the two of us @HerrKatzchen and I actually gave advice to the OP so he can log this bug with TC.

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