Horde bug gears 5

anyone getting that bug when you setup fab on master solo = enemy pops in when you trap them outside fab = 1 sire or juvies coming in

Happens in regular Horde too. Certainly not a solo Horde exclusive bug.

Why does it happen? I’ve no idea. Is annoying though, since it can throw you off even when you just have it standing in any old spot during regular Horde. Maybe the AI confuses it for a cover piece that can be mantled over when it’s not actually one which causes the buggy interaction where they teleport around.

i hate those, you setup on rail line where that one spot at the end, on wave 3 on master solo juvies teleport, they need to fix that, i want to beat master solo horde lol

Sadly, they ain’t fixing this stuff now. Game’s not getting support any further unless something super game breaking were to come up.

I would suggest playing Infiltrator and watching people who have solo mastered Horde with the class. Might still work even if you use it more passively.


Technically this “bug” is TC’s old intentional fix.

People complained anout other players using the fabricator to block doors, so TC gave certain melee enemies a way to pass through while also making the fabricator destructable now. (Juvies and sires teleport through while leeches get stuck for some reason.)

its sucks, plus enemies attacking fab, its not fun anymore when it comes to solo master lol

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