Horde Bug for Heavy Weapons

When you empty any, heavy weapon then put it in a locker, it will disappear.


Same issue but was not even empty. New update broke weapon lockers for sure.

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Now that’s what you call, 1 step forward and 2 steps back from TC.

So it’s a bug. I thought somebody stealing weapons and throwing away. Very nice

This has been happening to us as well. We too blamed one of our guys for it at first until we watched it happen. What I think is the game is thinking its on the ground rather than in the locker and is deleting them periodically .

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This has been a thing since Gears 4 and its all about timing. When a new wave starts and the text pops up showing the modifiers and such, if a weapon is dropped before the text on the screen goes away. The weapon dropped will disappear. However, if this is dropped right after this text goes away, the weapon dropped will remain on the ground the entire round. Hope this helps.

No this is talking about weapons on the weapon locker. They disappear right off. I watched it happen. I should have recorded video but didnt think of it at the time. You are just talking loose weapons on the ground.

A new bug since the big update.Salvos and tri-shots vanish.Sometimes teleported to other place in the map.

I thought one of my teammates was messing with them too but then I seen a Tri-Shot vanish right in front of me.

Definitely a bug. We’ve been seeing this happen fairly regularly. Actually happened once after one of our team mates took it off the weapon locker. Literally disappeared out of his hands.

I’ve joined a horde in progress and I saw this. Only my heavy weapons didn’t disappear exactly. We killed a stump and I grabbed it’s tri shot. I went to put it on the locker but it wasn’t giving me the option to store it. The locker also had the blue ammo symbol on the “empty” slot. I dropped the gun and clicked on the locker. Turns out the locker was filled with guns already but for some reason it didn’t show them.