Horde Bug: bullets = 0 Damage

I was at Training Grounds in Horde trying to fix an energy tap then it blow up the ai tried to pick me up but could not same with a player so the next match began the camera was looking at the sky I manage to stop looking at the sky but could only the camera up and down no rotation the blood HUD was still their on the map I could see a skull that was me, could not repair, fire a gun , put energy at fab. I ran to enemy bullets nothing happen, got in front of them they just ignored me I was looking for explosions to get downed which did work 5 wave later (boom shot killed me). During the bug state I was was able to pick to players and ai, cog tags(revive) and body block enemies, weapons, reload (my thoughts: if only I had a lancer). My best guess why this happen Healing Repair effect must have triggered while the energy tap then it blow up.This bug has only happen 1 time and was a major disadvantage for us please fix asp.