Horde/Breaker Mace info pls?


I’ve recently started using Lahni/Blademaster and firstly I just have to say wow is she a wrecking ball. I mean I joined someone’s wave 40 master horde at LEVEL 1 just to quickly rank up some. Put on a breaker mace and DESTROYED the Carrier boss . Level. One. :drooling_face:

So anyways I’m about to max her out but I’ve noticed a few times I’ve been using the Breaker Mace if I go down while using it it just vanishes? It’s definitely not out of “ammo”, like just now I got hit with a stray boomshot and when I got revived the mace was gone.

So I guess my question is how exactly does the mace work? The do’s and dont’s please. Also any good tips in general for Lahni would be great.

Thanks all!

The Mace doesn’t have “ammo” per se but a durability bar that diminishes every time you get hit(as it provides a health boost or damage reduction to the user). It also has a somewhat nonsensical(for PvE) durability loss of 50% when you go down. So if you play Master and get hit by something big like a Boomshot, well, chances are you lost it cause it got destroyed.

Beyond that, you’ll need advice from people who’ve used the class in Horde. I generally don’t like to use melee classes in that mode even if I’ve seen people make them work.

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Ah I didn’t expect a %50 durability loss if you go down. That’s kinda brutal. It’s not cheap either and waiting till round 15 for a 1 in 3 chance for it isn’t ideal. I guess it’s more useful later when the engineer has built the base and there’s a chunk of power in the fab.

That’s a bit disappointing I was getting bored of Gears lately and Lahni in horde really made me feel like grinding to 20 again.

Thank you for the awesome reply, keep well

It also disappears automatically when you die. The number of times i have bought a mace and headed out to wreck the enemy only to get killed by a scion immediately is insane. And embarrassing.

Haha yeah it’s the same with Kait I guess. Running out past all your teammates knowing they can see you, giant mace in hand about to clear the field and a Ice Scion freezes you and laughs while crushing your skull. I have to look away I can’t bare to see my teams reaction :sob:

They really need to fix the overaggressive Horde enemies with the executions. I literally had a Blademaster player on some Overload runs I did tonight get whacked by a Mulcher Scion and it instantly started to execute them, which left exactly zero time for anyone to revive the player or do something about the Scion. Well, it was still in the process of executing when I lobbed a killing Boomshot at it before the Scion did anything, but apparently TC believes we’re not allowed to interrupt execution animations before the killing part happens.

Oh, and the Mace shouldn’t be so easy to break at that. Removing the dumb durability penalty on a down would go some ways towards that.

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Well, until they (if they ever) tweak and tune the weapon, you need to protect it, slot on a locker, for an extra, and the biggy - tuck it away on your back, and only whip it out (mostly) in those final moments before you unleash your savagry.

Know Your Role? Rejects, Juvies, Scions (with some tact), pouncers, drones on a reload or with their back turned or on the flank. Remember to emote HA HA after you solo a Swarmark with your bloodyelectric knife. On the Horde of the Day, i sat next to a Marksman and took care of the rejects, Juvies so they could focus on their mid to long range game, and i added medium support with my juiced up Claw when useful. Like taking the helmets off Grenadier Drones. I’ve found thats decent team up combo (setup and map willing), better in the old days when Fahz dropped small ammo pilfers which refilled the whole mace.

Base overrun, pounchers at your door, a flyer also buzzing around, and a pile of drones and scions bearing down? Toss a well placed flash to pause the whole lot and give you time to ‘saferly’ get into position to drop the hammer and be the big hero.

At level one, all classes do not have any class specific cards unlocked to them.
So from the scenario which you have described, Infiltrator, Demolitions, Nomad, Veteran (literally all classes) can destroy the carrier boss with a breaker mace if you swap the blademaster class with them.