Horde Bot Logic

This is not a post complaining about the Horde Bot AI, I’m just curious if anyone has been able to narrow down the logic they use of who to follow around. It’s typically me and two friends playing casually, and the AI only follows me around.

Friend 1 plays on an Xbox One S, friend 2 plays on an original Xbox One, I play on a powerful pc. I’ve been trying to figure out who the AI chooses to follow based on class played, console/pc, etc. I played a few games recently on an Xbox Series X, again the AI just followed me around.

This leads me to believe the AI follows whoever loads into the game first (always me, not even close). If that’s the case, I’ll move my install to a HDD instead. Has anyone tried this yet?

Yes I’m aware playing with randoms is an option. Like I said said, it’s casual with beers and gears.
I’ve been trying for months to see if anyone has figured this out yet, haven’t found it. So sorry if this specially has been discussed before

TL/DR: Do horde AI follow who loads into the game first?

They follow whomever they can inconvenience the most.


Haha, well that’s definitely me. I’m not the one who needs them following me around all game.

I always thought it was the host, but I could be mistaken. :thinking:

Definitely not. Regardless if I host or not, it’s me. If a friend hosts, and I join after they start the game, then they won’t follow me. But they have to have loaded and started the game first.

I don’t believe it’s host either, as they’ve followed me before in lobbies I joined and didn’t host.

I’m also playing on either a Series X or a high end gaming rig, so the “loading in first” theory might carry weight. More often than not, they’re following me.

The bots are the only ones that will drop everything and revive

I have no issues with them following me

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Kinda related; Sires in Escape do the same. They always focus on 1 person and will run past 2 other people just to get to that booty. Over multiple matches, mind you.

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When using Ultimate Battery on Clayton, stuff like Rejects like to take turns on who they hit.

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Yeah, Flusher-enemies all seem to focus on one particular person and won’t change target until that person is down. At least in Escape from what I’ve seen.

I thought they followed whoever had the highest damage score accumulated through the match to that point.

I love when they do that.

To the tap across the map.

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When I am host, i always turn ai bots off. They are an annoyance more than anything.

What I hate the most is when an ai bot gets downed at the middle of the map and one of your human teammates risk their life to revive him ( dying in the process).

I never understood this thought process. What’s so important about rescuing that near useless, suicidal bot that you have to risk match failure to try to keep it alive or save it because it randomly ran to the other side of the map?

Even gears 3 onyx guard bots were better than this, at least they would stay near the host (most of the time) and actually take priority in reviving teammates that were down instead of taking their sweet time like the gears 5 bots do.

To be honest, I rely on the bots more to help with reviving my friends. I told them I won’t die trying to revive them, while the bots will… I’ll work my way towards them, but won’t drop what I’m doing to get them unless it’s safe.

We messed around with some other things last night though. Friends are starting up the games now, and I’ll join in before they pick up the fab. This takes care of the bot issue for me. This doesn’t work for the daily maps though, as you don’t seem to get credit unless you are in the pregame lobby first. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all taking turns with the dead weight now this way.

I usually throw human teammates at the top of my priorities the AI come second while they aren’t always reliable they can be useful sometimes. Like how they can gets sires off of you in a single knife swing. If they can catch up that is. I kinda rely on the ai. At least I know the ai is going to make an effort to TRY and save me. You never know the intentions of a random you come across in horde. I’ve come across several people who literally just watch me die and aren’t even paying attention. The other night on clocktower one of my teammates went down. I went to go get him(I was jack btw) I took a torque bow bolt to the face and got downed the the other 3 people get downed from other various problems and our level 8 blademaster was all the way in the spawn on the other side of the map killing enemies as they spawned. We all died except for him. He apologized later on saying he didn’t notice. How? There is literally a visual and audio cue telling you that someone is in trouble. Not to mention the bottom left corner of the screen tells you everything. There has literally been occasions where I bleed out because nobody is paying attention. I bled out. Which means for a whole 60 seconds no one would come get me when I’m literally like a good 10 to 15ish meters from them or right next to them. Yet if I have an ai around the dash over to come and save me cause you know they are programed to do so. Yeah they can be stupid and their damage sucks sometimes. But at least they TRY to help you. since they can on only be executed by bosses and flame grenadiers as well as palace guards I don’t worry about the ai too much. But they are still one of my teammates. And I help them whenever I can. I’ve had games saved before because of an ai teammate. You know those occasions when you are with randoms and everybody is down then someone leaves and an ai teammate spawns in and gets the revives? Absolute clutch brings a tear to my eye everytime.