Horde Boss Rush(Will Quitters Ruin This Mode?)

In horde mode quitters don’t alway mean you can’t still get it done,as long as your with a teams that good,even if there less of you,but in a mode like boss rush losing anyone got to be a knightmare,so with this mode will quitters ruin it or can less then a full team survive?

Don’t suffer before time.


Think it’s gonna be extremely lame if people really quit a 10 wave version of horde

All you really need is good damage

If they quit on casual then they should be banned from the game. Even hardcore womt be that bad. You’ll get a lot of quitters for sure and when they bring it out on insane forget it.

Casual will still be ez, hardcore may not be doable though, unless you have an extremely accurate Sniper

After I get the same map 3 times in a row I will quit even if its a 1 wave game, I just can’t stand it anymore.

It doesn’t matter how good or fun horde can be, the current map rotation always ruin it for me.

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This will b too exciting for anyone to quit… if someone quits , i can only conclude they were quivering in there boots, he he he ,

After 3 attempts i can’t finish if people keep quitting…If you don’t wanna stick it out why even play…Now in regular horde a quitter might not lead to total failer, but in boss rush you need EVERYONE!..