Horde Blood Drive map nearly unplayable, thanks Speed Runners 😏


speed runs are not the problems the inconsistent of verses is the real problem

Just gotta know how and where to place Fabricator, then it’ll run smoothly.
It’s basically like playing Insane Horde on Blood Drive, all over again from Gears of War 3.
Maybe you remember camping in the Spawn?

Well same problem has Gridlock and Mercy and they haven’t done anything about it this one was because Speed Runners they even said it on Stream

I think it was more the boss blocking than speed runs. Other’s exist and TC has straight up said they wouldn’t touch them because they weren’t as manipulative.

There’s not way to know since all spawns are anywhere now at least that is my experience must horde players leave once the map is given and engineer has no way to put effective barriers because of the crazy spawns smh

What exactly changed that made it unplayable?

I don’t know about Versus mode , I think the main problem is not the map is people camping but it’s been like that since GOW 2 nothing new

Normally the fabricator creates a wide buffer zone where nothing spawns within it. It’s intended for players to build their base. Now this buffer zone is reduced massively. Specifically if you place the fabricator at the top of the stairs outside your spawn room you get spawns inside the spawn room and near or inside the Boltok room. If you place the fabricator inside the spawn room they spawn outside and on the middle landing area.

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Blame poor credit payouts in all modes.

Speed Runs aim to get credits as quick as possible to pay for the in game content locked behind random packs


Agreed. People are quick to blame speedruns without considering why they came about and why they’ve become a necessity for some players.

The entire nature of loot boxes has meant thay players struggle to get enough credits for them.

Firstly there’s the RNG nature of them. You’re not guaranteed characters in these Gear Packs and can get duplicates. It’s all randomised.

The structure of the packs mean that typically these Gear Packs also feature filler cards from the launch series which mean that players have to buy even more packs to get everything on a series and also reduces the probability of getting certain cards.

Gear Packs are time limited on release and his places time pressures on players.

All of the above creates a situation where players resort to speedruns to acquire credits quickly.

If anything, blame TC and MS for this system. If customisation skins were accessible in a fairer way such as ingame achievements (like the Griffin challenge or how older games were done) I strongly doubt that speedruns would be a thing.


Speed Runs is BS. Players in lobbies yelling at you like kids. Yes really? I stopped playing horde once players started speed Runs it ruined that actual challenge of Gears of War Horde. Fortifications are more than enough to beat 50 waves imo.

I suggested a lobby for Speed Runs Only then that would fix everything but you know things don’t always go right

I’ve never done a speed run and wouldn’t know how to as I’ve never looked it up. I only play matchmade Horde and don’t use a mic.
I just play Horde to chill out, and I’ll usually listen to a podcast while I play.

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Jesus that really is so broken lol

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I disagree.

Speedrunners will ALWAYS be in games regardless of mechanics. people speedrun games just cause.

I also think you get enough credits to get any character in the game if your smart about it. The Elite packs and Operator packs are a complete waste of credits because everything can be crafted from them so all you have to do is save your credits for the timed ones and you’ll be fine. I don’t play Horde at all and I’m sitting on 60k credits and 40k scrap. When a new set comes out I usually spend 20k credits or so and get all the characters and then just save up for the next one

Sounds like you’ve been getting lucky then. Thing is, there are many players who don’t manage to get what they want from packs on 20,000cr or so. I’ve sometimes had excellent luck and done it in about that much. However my worst experience was needing 196,000cr. As an average I would say I typically need around 60,000-70,000cr to get everything in a single pack.

As I said, the fact that pack’s are time limited puts pressure on players as they know the pack won’t be around again for a while. If newly released packs became permanently available then at least players can take their time.

Speedrunning has always been a thing sure, but what is it that motivates people to do so? Some people might set themselves personal challenges or are trying to get a high score placement, maybe just to test it out as a one off for a laugh, or to create a YouTube speedrun video. I believe that speedrunning is a very niche thing and very few people do it generally across gaming. In GOW4 it’s more widely done - much more than average. I’m convinced it’s to boost - primarily credits, and to a lesser extent for XP, and this is linked directly to wanting to buy packs and acquire character and weapon skins. I’d be curious to hear from speedrunners.


Are you trying to get 100% every character AND weapon skin in EVERY pack?

If your going for 100% completion each pack then the numbers are honestly fine in my opinion as I don’t think that’s an average thing. Most people will see a pack they don’t like and so they skip it and just save for the next set, even then I don’t know of many people who get all the weapon skins

For me character skins are my main aim. I’ve got all of the ones that are available through Gear Packs. I haven’t got all of the weapon skins. I go for the ones I like but not all of them.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but from the old forums there were always a number of players who complained at having spent a large amount of credits but not being able to get the characters they want. I consider myself lucky in comparison but RNG is a pain. When the Day of The Dead packs came out I ended up spending 196,000 before I got the Anya one. Marcus and Baird had dropped about 11-12 times each. It was just horrible luck and it happens sometimes.

Just to add, regarding Blood Drive - the patch has messed it up. If TC wanted to patch the map, fine (although I disagree with their motivations but that’s a different debate), but through doing it so poorly they’ve ruined it for normal Horde games. I’d have thought that some thorough testing could have avoided this. Hopefully TC will include a proper fix in a future update.


I wasn’t aware that anyone who may have been involved in a speed run had access to edit map spawns. If the map is “broken”, I would think TC probably had something to do with it. Place blame where it is due.