Horde. Any difficulty, any mode. Looking for players

I’m from the EU but play at like 11pm GMT + 0 until about 2.30am.

I can use a mic if required, but sometimes I don’t as I suffer from chronic pain.

I’ve been playing gears 4 horde since day 1 and am very experienced.

I enjoy playing seriously, but also enjoy having a laugh.

Please add me on XBL if you want to team up, the more the merrier!


I’m down for horde, add my GT: Darkcore Wolf x

I’m usually doing Inconceivable Horde, preferably with 4 to 5 players.
But feel free to add me, I’m also from EU region/time zone.

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I’ll add you guys tonight.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ad me im in. Garyt1984

Looking for horde players that wont quit happy to help with all achievments. I need a good few and ribbons so if anyone wants in my gt is garyt1984 or add ur gt below. Im in ireland buy online late and nearly every night.

Use the “looking for group” option thourgh the Xbox Dashboard. You will find what you’re searching for.

Add me :slight_smile:

Add me. I’m usually on in the evenings. I bounce between horde and multiplayer.

you can add me LesserWarrior is my GT:)

I’ve added everyone who replied.

Looking forward to playing horde with you all soon :slight_smile:


You have? Didn’t see a extra follower, message me on xbox just to be sure.

It somehow didn’t add you the first time… Hopefully it worked this time :slight_smile:

You mean me? I did see an extra follower, just message me on there so we can get down to play Horde.

I did indeed. I meant to tag you. I’ll send you an Xbox live message to confirm

I saw it, I’ll be on in a bit.

Just a bit late for me lol.I’m usually just going to bed then lol
If I’m up one weekend I’ll try and see if anyone’s on.

If you (and the rest of the guys in here) are still doing Horde on a nightly basis, id like to jump in. Really want to get all the ironman hordes while we milk the 5x XP this week and get the 200 horde waves challenge done at the same time too. We can still do inconceivable, just need ironman turned on and don’t think It would make much of a difference since itd just be another speedrun.

Sorry for the bump in here! Best relevant thread I could find with what I was lookin for.

We are still playing indeed. I’ll invite you when I get on :slight_smile:

Sweet! I believe I have you on my friend list already. I should be on a bit later tonight (few hours from the time of writing this post).