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Horde and xp problems


(Silv3rBackG0d) #1

I cant play horde cause its keeps kicking me back to the menu and for 2 horde matches I didnt get any xp at all. The coalition needs to fix this now getting sick and tired of this and now I dont have any credits

Getting kicked again
(AceMcCloud) #2

The Card Companion website is down, so appears their servers are struggling, whole group of us couldn’t play Horde anymore, wave 40 and 50 displayed 0 for all XP and credits. With the card companion not working then of course crafting and scrapping isn’t working.

Credits count appearing/disappearing in War Journal and the Store, which the Store doesn’t always open right (error message it’s unavailable).

Gears 4 Card Companion

(Belkain) #3

It’s happening everywhere, I cannot create or scrap cards, change emblem or weapon skins, cannot load a horde game and Card Companion and Stats are down.

I managed to get into a social game and everything was fine until the game ended, map vote and then everyone was kicked.

It happens all the time whenever an XP bonus is live, the server just cannot handle it.

(EVIL 0NE) #4

I have reached out to TC to make them aware of the issue. Multiple threads are popping up if you’re receiving Error 0x00000d1c Make sure to use the official thread:

Thank you for reporting this.

(ARGONAR 1) #5

Yet again getting no xp having to del bounties an getting kicked when loading into hord lobby what the hell are you lot playing at this is unaccepable and is now beyond a joke bo you even now how to fix this ??? And its about time the so called tc remburst us gamers that are the ones who line your pockets ,

(The Death Beast) #7

Game is officially over now? All credits removed and no longer getting xp. How the hell do you just turn this stuff off?

(EVIL 0NE) #8

TC has made an official post on this issue. All Credits, and earned XP will appear once the issue has been resolved.

Will be closing this to keep the discussion on the official thread.:

Thank you.

(EVIL 0NE) closed #9