Horde and Friends

If push comes to shove, he can get Longshot ammo from the fabricator. I only get ammo from the fabricator if there’s enough energy to go around.

Might as well save and buy a weapons locker if thingy isn’t on…
That thing.

Energy drain! That’s the one.

But again, if his teammates respect his necessity for a locker. As a reminder; there are tools out there who just don’t care and put themselves before the team.

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I kind of want classic Horde to get put back in, just so the weird competition over class numbers goes away and people focus more on murder death shooting.

My thread is being hijacked :joy:

Anyway @dannyjo22 I’ve been screwing around with different classes a lot, tried the Brawler scorcher build and that was a letdown (damage is low, maybe broken cards? :thinking:) been playing around with a no lancer build Veteran (longshot spam for the win) and I’ve just been experimenting a lot lately.

What maps do you still need to master on Frenzy/Regular?

What level is your Scorcher Mastery Card? And are you using Pyromaniac? That also applies to the Scorcher’s active “Rounds”.

I’m asking these because I’m looking into making a “Pyro” build for the Brawler.

my scorcher is level 5, and my pyromanic is level 6. The damage output is just really low. I have heard that the cards might be glitched but haven’t tested it myself. @Hu1k_Daddy I choose you.

I do want to say that just because something isn’t great for Master doesn’t mean its bad on all difficulties, tons of folks don’t play on Master after all (though over time it’ll become more popular)

Well, I’m currently on getting my Brawler up to Lv. 19 so maybe I can see for myself. That’s if they don’t fix the glitch (if they are) before I get there first.

I had to borrow my sons and after years of gaming with the crappy 360 single ear headset I have to use his over ear ones the same way :grin:

Gridlock and Regency on 50 wave. Gridlock is super easy but I keep having bad randoms or quitters. Regency was going well today until they quit.

Frenzy still just reactor. Reactor has become my nemesis, I’ve taken a week of and put that map on furlough until I can face going again.


Sorry it’s become my place to vent about my time zone I have to play in and my horde woes. It stops me throwing myself out the window.

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Yeah there are plenty of bad randos, bossy engineers that won’t get you a locker until wave 30 after they built a few sentries seem common too. I’ve done the sit and watch approach too.

The deebees came down in grindlifts with the kestrel parts and assembled it down there obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Blue,

The sorcher card can be strong but you need to have a full build around it. Only issue with that build is that while strong you are very squishy and can kill yourself a lot.

Also when doing this build, I died way more than I would normally while doing a Master run. I had @Sable_Collie in the game with me and she can tell as well how often I died.

So in my opinion trying to do this build, you basically turn your class into a one hit nuke. Very strong offense but you just can’t stay alive.

Cheers man.

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Oh my goodness,

Well why didn’t I think of that. Makes perfect since.


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@Thee_Bluejay thanks for the help with gridlock last night. I didn’t even notice you had disconnected until you messaged me and the 3 of the players where on the floor in the open! Was a close call!

Really don’t like use demo anymore, hopefully when I get him to 20 I can concentrate on other classes and let everyone else rain down the damage.

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No Problem :+1:

Been playing versus all day, infuriating to play with randoms as they can just straight up be awful and I got steamrolled by an actually ok team, so from now on I gotta 4 stack because otherwise the chance of me being matched with a team that is decent is very unlikely. All I’m saying is that I’m ■■■■■■■ pissed off and for good reason, if I had just a team anywhere close to my level I would’ve hit Master already this Operation :sob:

Demo is fun but nothing is for everyone, I personally loved blowing stuff up (its what I’ve been doing my life afterall :joy:) but its kind of a boring class as that’s all you really do.

anyways next time I see you will definitely invite :ok_hand:

Edit: Also if you haven’t done it yet weekly Escapes are the bees knees for character XP.

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On that note, I would also currently recommend the daily Horde before it goes away, it only provides half of what the weekly hive provides but still is a good boost to character XP.

Just starting my escape journey to manhood!

I saw you were playing versus, I’m a quickplay player only!

had a game earlier with @dannyjo22 and @WrinklyHornet34 and it ended in heartbreak.

game was on Regency made it to wave 31, Hornet got stuck (glitched) so I was I tried going over there and switching weapons (seems to fix it), we both end up getting downed by peacemakers, apparently they spawned on right side where Danny was at behind them… I let everyone down :sob:

I will make up for it and get you the 1-50 on Regency Danny, there’s always tomorrow.

Yeah that loss is on me. I was lagging and didnt jump away from the snatcher so in turn I got stuck in the glitch when they die. I meant to say go on without me but alas no keyboard lol. Sorry guys.

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Hey no worries either of you, I was amazed at how fast we were getting through it with a no jack run. They spawned on us on the right and we had no chance.

Next time I will not push so far forward. In fact holding that right lane when the eng sets up like that is the first time in months where I thought I’d be better off spamming GL than boom shot.

The eng did a great job with the set up. I was perked to level 10 too on ULT but I rarely got chance to fire it off as you guys were wrecking.

Thanks for trying, can’t win them all :slightly_smiling_face:

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