Horde and Friends

Tunnel vision at its finest, they don’t even get ult extension from shooting enemies now. X-Ray + Living Legend still works very nicely now though, as I’ve found out in an Overload run I just did.

Regency is a serious pain though. I don’t like it much for Horde, too many small covers and open spaces, doesn’t work well for X Ray at all and if you even just have one afk or missing teammate it can mean you’ll fail.

Yeah I’m mad at myself for not firing clays ULT fast enough, I just could hear the air units I just couldn’t see them. I should have fired it.

Regency set up reminds me of harbour. I’m dreading that run to 50.

I think it’d be worse if it wasn’t for having the big middle building to hide in if you have a Kestrel to deal with and most of the other enemies are dead(it’s a terrible spot otherwise).

The map honestly looks great, but from a design standpoint it feels 99% Versus oriented. Way too many small covers and if you go anywhere but the spawn there’s too many different approaches to cover with the elevations, even if small, not helping it either.

Also, Reflective Shell enemies need to have their behavior changed so it doesn’t trigger AFTER a shot you fired hit and should have damaged them but gets reflected even though it hit before the AI triggered it. That is just ridiculous. Aka it should trigger once they pass the required health threshold instead of the above BS.

Gridlock also sucks with its different setup spots except for spawn areas unless your team doesn’t suck at keeping away Rejects, Juvies and Sires from coming up to the “tower” near the Hammerburst/Boltok spawn in Vs. and doesn’t get mowed down as soon as the first Guardian spawns. Didn’t like the map in Gears 4, still don’t now.

Lets also not forget those fatheaded elitists who just berate everyone who doesn’t perform up to their own standards. Their own standards.

I had one earlier today on the Daily Challenge on Nexus (12 Wave, Inconceivable). Spouting about “It ain’t all about the taps. You don’t have to set up there.” And then he goes off and starts alienating and berating everyone.

That tells me that he thinks that he can do the daily challenge all by himself. So, I just flat out stop playing to see if he can actually do that.

Then they moved fabricator away from the taps. And Lo-and-behold; the First Boss Wave lead to a total wipe.

And then after that particular “game”, I had successful Inconceivable runs on the Daily Challenge. Runs with randoms and we set up by the taps.

So, yeah… “It ain’t all about the taps,”

20 waves in on regency and the host decides he wants to restart because he doesn’t like the spot he had us set up in.

What an idiot, no taps or jack = less power for perks or fortifications. It’s doable sure but harder.

I finished all maps on master though, you can add me if you want to play I am in the US on EST time though.

Oh my god regency… I tried 2 master run on regency, both loose it against a swarmak, 1st, wave 50, 2nd wave 30…

For me in open maps you have to have a salvo and stun on for Gunner just to stop the bosses dead and let everyone else regroup. I think as great as these maps look they are all terrible horde maps in OP5. Nexus is ok but it’s just a slightly harder Blooddrive.

Regency is just awful, might be a good versus map like reactor but no thought to how this would play in horde. Gridlock is dull, Like river you end up in the same tower like space. It’s just a shame there isn’t the resources to make horde and versus only maps. Or just dump versus and do the world a favour.

I will be up for a run later in gridlock or Regency when my son is in bed. I just tried a speed run on overload and the host started building multiple sentries from wave 2. I asked him why and he said “this is a speedrun and did I not know how to do it” I lasted until wave 20 and gave up when the 15th sentry was built at level 1.

Hey Danny,

Nexus is actually a really easy map. Just setup in the Temple and you have only two small doors to cover while also being covered from flanks and anything flying.

Also, still cant figure why that a Kestrel is allowed to spawn on this map. I mean, we are way underground and yet somehow a Helicopter was able to navigate through the terrain all the way to Nexus. Ah yea,…no.


Yea I get it yesterday, doing a frenzy on nexus and a kestrel spawn I was like « what ???.. »:joy::joy:

Yeah, I don’t like to make things harder than necessary. But if they do that with me, then I’ll make it even “better” for them. For starters; make them fight a man down. Just stay in the game, but not doing anything instead of leaving. If I leave, I open up a spot for them to invite one of their “buddies” to take so they can have a successful run. IF they have one.

By just staying in the game but not doing anything, I’m denying them of that.

Want to make things harder in a game with me? By all means, I’ll be more than happy to oblige to “help” with that.

I’m in the West (US). Fair word of caution; I rarely do Master because I’m still working on my classes and some are long overdue for some playing time. But I’m okay on Inconceivable runs with certain classes; Demolitions, Mechanic, Robotics Experts, Veteran, Nomad & JACK.

I’m am about to explode. Gridlock run, well set up. All ready got so much energy I had half maxed all of Demo’s perks, Marksman doing 200k per round. All I ask is to spot a few enemies before I pop the death from above, nothing. Oh well swarmak spawns, drop one on it’s head and it’s almost dead.

The jack then decides to frontal attack it, the infiltrator goes for the cloaked kill and the eng follows in. Leaving the rest undefended. It was an easy run, job done. I’m left in the lobby begging to know why they had to rush a swarmak to get the 5% of it’s life!

I’m average at this game but the death of marcus really shows up some of these clowns. Go into a overload game and watch how over half the people can’t even hold down a lane in a pair anymore!

I mean jacks a boring role, if you have done all that work, why blow it!


I’d play with thee!
Although I’m often in games with my partner, who is leveling Marksman and in general.
He’s actually quite good fortunately… Always wants a locker, he’s learned that desire.


Lockers, depending on how people play, it’s not a desire. It’s a necessity.

Unfortunately others just don’t respect that necessity and just outright take their guns, never return them and stopping their teammates from doing their role on the team. Making things harder overall.

When that kept on happening to me constantly when I play as the Demolitions, I just outright changed the way I play that class. Because I’m sick of people stopping me from doing my role on the team, making it harder for me to contribute to the overall team effort.

Yeah sure I will add you later when I’ve calmed down! I have to say not playing with anyone except randoms since the xbox360 days I’m a total noob with the party set up stuff. @GhostofDelta2 @SPARGELKOHL invited me to a game the other day and if my son wasn’t there I wouldn’t have found the invite and what to click :joy:


His longshot keeps dying and everyone seems to leap on ammo boxes so he ends up buggered.

I will say I currently am micless, but I’m fortunately an innate team player. I get enraged if people don’t help others up, spot or similar.

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Please get a mic or I will make an empty threat.

Your empty threat is nothing compared to mine.
Mine echoes!
I should have one soon™

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What do you mean by “dying”? I’m presuming you mean running out of ammo, because you mentioned his teammates kept on snagging the ammo boxes from him, denying him of ammo.

So yeah, from how you described his playstyle (Mainly using the Longshot), a locker is a necessity for him.

I know it is.
I’ve leveled it enough to know it. And yeah, dying means empty.
It gets on my ■■■■ when a blademaster is the one snagging the ammo too.