Horde and Friends

Any frenzy players? I’m really enjoying the mode as a break from 50 waves but the population is driving me insane. Every freaking game people are trying to do every map like a speed run with Fahz and Marcus and failing spectacularly when they can’t keep the ULT going like they can on overload.

It’s almost comical, they fire the Ult mop up as many of the spread out enemy as they can, fail to keep it going and wipe the next round. Marcus seems to have given the player base a lobotomy.


Getting desperate now. Reactor I’ve failed more than any map yet on frenzy and even 50 horde. Unless I set up in the spawn point I don’t get past wave 3 and every time I set up in a spawn the taps are bloody miles away!

Reactor and Bunker to go. :pensive:

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I will 100% be playing Horde come Nov 17th, so if I see you on from that point on I’ll definitely invite you.

That being said Reactor spawn is not ideal imo, you want to set up in one of the 4 corners of the map (close to spawn but not in it) then it because much much easier. Bruh and we already did Bunker.

Yeah I’m trying to master the frenzy maps now. I have those two to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Saw you on earlier, thought about it lol but I was already in the PvP track of mind so decided not to help you I’m afraid.

5 more maps to master on 17th, just saying.

Yeah that’s why I’m trying to get these ones done before then, so I can concentrate on the new ones.

Painful day. About 8 failures on reactor with randoms. And just lost a bunker on wave 12 to a swarmak with Lizzie del clay Fahz and jack but it was a damn good match as the taps were in the bunker. Love that set up.

Edit bunker done on third try. Just reactor to frenzy!

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I haven’t played any Gears/Horde or anything in a long time. It’s been over a month since I’ve played Horde. Will be playing some this afternoon/evening. My main characters were Keegan and Marcus. I was trying to level up Faus and Clayton.

I’m not sure what changes they’ve added in the last month or so, but I hear there new maps and more on the way which is good. And Dizzy and Anya, two of my favorites, are coming back soon.

Can’t wait to get back into Horde.

EDIT: Scratch that, will be on tomorrow seeing as that’s when the new update is coming out.

Ah man a wave 45 failure on clock tower. So much energy full perked even as del. Fences everywhere, turrets everywhere and 3 sentinels ended us in seconds.

That was despite moving bases on wave 21.

Such a dull horde map, So slow, feels like bunker. Great map just not for horde. Not looking forward to doing that again.

Hey Danny,

Really? Well if you Setup up top in the middle and have 2 peeps on the left and right with a back up in the middle you can speed run Horde on this Map. I actually think its a Great Map to speed run on Master.

It really just depends on your team. We did a Frenzy in 15 minutes on Master.

Maybe try it with me sometime, will see if we can change your mind lol.


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Just finished a 50 on master. Again they wanted to be in the spawn area. It’s too slow from there, 2hrs 15.

It’s done though and tbh I only want to do them once anyway and then go back to frenzy. I love to experiment with frenzy in both team mates and classes but can’t take the risk on the 2 hour matches!

I will add you if that’s ok, I have a mic. Only used it twice since I’ve had this game!

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Sounds good to me man.

Given up tonight, just some awful parties on master. One that asked me to play as jack and then wouldn’t build a forge and another where I joined a troupe of three thinking they knew what they were doing only to have then build sentries at wave 6.

Typical randoms pal.

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I have to stop doing it. 15 games or so on the trot with early failures, this update seems to have brought out all the stupid. Masters Regency on frenzy and people starting with no mech and then not wanting to build anything, or putting the fab leaving about 8 lines of shooting.

The trouble is I get so much free time during the day uk time and it’s hopeless for completing games. Honestly I’ve been playing for nearly 5 and half hours straight and not got close to getting a game going :frowning:

I’m usually free most afternoons during the week uk time if you need a player. Looking to play some master games now.

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I will add you later, my son is going to be playing for a bit but I will hook up for some games with you.

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Hey people you can add me aswell, for horde or escape in masters, I have a mic but if my girl is at home I don’t use it, just text me the important point and he it will be fine


I will add you :slight_smile:

Wave 35 failure on Gridlock, my god I hate losing to complacency when you are easily doing it. Taking risks and running out for kills when 3 sentinels are in the air. The damn Veteran trying to keep his ult going instead of picking people up! I swear when I’ve finished the two I have left to master I’m never playing 50 again.

Anyone down for Regency or Gridlock tomorrow let me know :slight_smile: