Horde and Friends

Gt= Prime1UP
Timezone= MEZ
Difficulty= Everything besides master
“mains” : lizzy, jack, fahz, Del, Clayton, (soon cog gear)
PC Player

Let’s play together!!!

Really been having fun with the Op 4 update. I’ve been mostly playing as Marcus on Inconceivable only.

I want to level up Keegan as a good secondary character next for Inconceivable.

Keep trying to get a game with you this week but you are either off when I’m on or you are halfway through one!

Still need to master, Asylum, dam, lift, bunker and vasgar! Chipped a few off this week.

Are you on right now? I’ll try inviting you :cat:

No my sons on our shared Xbox, it’s annoying because it often shows me playing whatever game he’s playing. No idea why it does that! So many of my friends are convinced I’m a secret fortnight player! On the flip side it shows him playing Gears when I’m playing!

Sorry BlueJay had to start one as it was getting late here. Was a complete waste of time. Quit after 15 waves on bunker. They kept messaging me over and over to build barriers as Lizzie and demanded about 40 barriers, they pushed out so far from the left with barriers after 1 hour and 30 minutes I was at wave 15!

The host demanded and kept the last one alive until the whole map had been scouted for weapons! Seriously 90 minutes to wave 15! Going to have a horde break for a week, trying to get these last 5 done with randoms is killing my desire to play.

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Down to three left to master. Just done lift.

Have Asylum, Bunker and Vasgar to go. Don’t think I’ve ever got past wave 15 on vasgar with randoms but it’s been a while since I tried.

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I dont like bunker it takes sooooooo long for enemies to show up…

We made it to 49 once and everyone got kicked, that was the last time i tried bunker. Not a fan…

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GT: Snakeywakey389
Difficulty: Generally high difficulties
Horde Mains: Like to play Cole, Mac, COG Gear and Clayton but can be anyone.
Timezone: Alaskan time.

I usually play in the later hours of the day but you might see me in late afternoon too.

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If you want to see Lahni’s potential we can have a game on Master and as long as a can have some money for my breaker mace and perks and we hold down a couple of taps I promise you I will MVP most waves with her and have some of the highest damage overall.

She can be absolutely savage in the right hands.
Her issue isnt so much being useless she is just expensive and somewhat map dependent.

A Frenzy game on overload is very easy to MVP all 12 waves if there isn’t a Marcus dealing absolute carnage.
Flyers and Matriachs arent exactly her specialty either.

Get someone to freeze the thing and Breaker slam a few times. That’s gonna leave a mark on the Matriarch - it sure does in Escape even if it has lower health there.

Aw for sure you can do some damage, likewise with sentiels and gaurdians you wait until they drop to low and go in for a hit.
I just meant compared to every other enemy type that she can basically shred through those are the ones I find the most challanging.

If we on the same time man message me :slight_smile:

Asylum is a breeze, but Bunker/Vasgar are a bit more challenging from my experience.

Bunker is easily my least favorite map because of how ugly it is (them clouds sexy though lol) but that is probably the map you wanna play with me :slight_smile:

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I actually really liked the map on lower difficulty when the actual bunker is a viable standing point. That was a lot of fun, but yeah by the spawns it’s a snooze.

Yeah again I think bunker should have been the map where the actual bunker was viable at masters with an abyss permanent turret or two to man. Asylum I’ve just had bad luck with team mates as randoms so will probably target that next and leave vasgar for last!

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Bunker was one of the maps that I was having a little trouble finishing on Master frenzy, which I mainly put down to the team play, jumped in a game with one friend the other day that had two guys playing together speaking German I think and one alone and we managed to finish it holding in the bunker because that’s where the taps were. Once again I think we managed to finish because it was a good team.

It was bloody hectic but we held the middle and the taps most of the time.

Actually made for a really fun game. Usually I find the map boring and easy to instantly wipe at spawn.

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Asylum done this week, leaves me bunker and vasgar. Had an epic vasgar failure. Base was all set, looking good. Host set up at ticket end which was a new one on me and was working well.

Jack got cocky during a wave picking up weapons away from base got downed as the sentinels and guardians game in,

Another vasgar failure. I dread to think how hard vasgar will be once they stop lane blocking with the fabricator.

After a bunker fail at wave 40 yesterday followed swiftly by a vasgar failure @Thee_Bluejay came to my rescue in the worlds most boring match on bunker today.

He out scored everyone with a torque bow and Baird and I really regretted going Jack with the team we had running with us after his friend left.

Just Vasgar to go now. Then I can start on escape. :thinking:

Escape is harder for the most part, certain maps require specific characters/cards to win, nevermind that some of the modifier are absurd. Fahz, Kait, Cole and Scorpio squad are all great characters for it I might add.

Edit: You should’ve done Bunker much sooner… Easily one of the most boring horde maps to play on.

Edit #2 We couldn’t have won without Jack probably, I couldn’t have built my fortress of solitude without you :slight_smile:

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Well The Onslaught is probably right up your alley in terms of difficulty. That feels more difficult than any other thing I’ve done in this game yet… at least once you reach the second act.

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GT: Sashimi7699
(If anyone decides to add me up please give me a heads up that you’re from these forums so I won’t accidentally ignore any potential friend requests)

Difficulty: Elite or Higher

Horde Mains: Anyone really but my lvl.18’s are Clayton, JD, Keegan, Cole, Paduk,
(most of their cards are at 4 or 5, Cole’s got a few 6’s fyi), everyone else that matters / is somewhat usable in higher difficulties are at lvl.16 - 17.

Timezone: Pacific Time

I play during late afternoons and evenings, I’m pretty laid back / casual and quiet in general so don’t expect any form of toxic rage on my part lol.

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