Horde and Friends

really excited to play Horde in Operation 4, so I thought I’d make a thread where Horde players can find one another and such, Gamertag is the only thing that really matters but extra info is always nice (who’s your Horde main? Timezone? Difficulty? etc.)

I’ll start :slight_smile:

GT: Thee Bluejay
Difficulty: Insane and up
Horde Mains: Jack, JD, Kait, basically like lots of different characters.
Timezone: Central Time


GT: MikelTheLastOne
Difficulty: Insane and down
Horde Mains: JD, Clayton, COG Vermelo, etc…
Timezone: Central European

So yeah… It is currently 06:55 here… Cloudy and rainy morning…


Gt same as sign on.
Usually play insane and incon.
Most main characters are lvl 17


GT: PartyUpLive

Time Zone: Central

Main Characters: Marcus(16), Keegan(16)
Working on Carmine, Cole.
Have JD at lvl 17 but haven’t used him in months.

I play on Insane or Elite usually but will be trying higher levels soon.

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GT: Outlaweditzz
Timezone: Central
Mains:Lizzie,Cole,Jack,Cog Gear
(Sometimes i do random though)
I’ll play any difficulty


GT: Hyperverklighet
Difficulty: Master, but can do Inconceivable or Insane if needed.
Horde Mains: Clayton, Jack, Kait. Occasionally I do Baird, Lizzie or Keegan.
Timezone: Central European.

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GT: WrinkleyHornet
Diffuclity: Master but will play Incon if thats what is wanted.
Horde Mains: Every freaking character lol
Time Zone: GMT

Side note. I do host my own games some time after 6 titled “Lets Master … careful now”
Prefer to play without jack but can make allowance if needed.

Also the title iof this sounds like a TV show or a podcast or something lol. Welcome to Horde and friends.

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Level 18 Grace or kick :joy:

and that was the point my guy, simple wholesome thread here :smiley:

Edit: I’ve been adding everyone on this thread btw, I didn’t just make it for show.

Edit #2 couldn’t find WrinkleyHornet, however WrinklyHornet34 I could :thinking:

GT: LeonSandwich
Difficulty: Insane and up
Horde Mains: Clayton, Kait, sometimes Cole and Emile, or Baird
Timezone: Central Time

Usually on at night, dont always play the meta, play for fun :grin:

Its like you knew I don’t have a level 18 Grace lol.

Yeah Ive been going mad on the aul addings lately just to make allies lol.

Yeh thats me. I didn’t realize I left the 34 out of the name lol. Hit me up for some Horde anytime im on.

GT: dannyjo22
Difficulty: Master only until I get them all done.
Horde Mains: Lizzie, Clay, JD, Jack, Eng.
Timezone: GMT

Maps to finish on master:

Asylum, Bunker, Dam, Lift, Vasgar
Overload, Checkout, Reactor

Help with those gratefully received :slight_smile:

GT: Watery Shoe
Difficulty: Insane and up (may do lower if I’m feeling murderous)
Horde Mains: Mac, Lahni, Baird (Mac made the cut after Op4, so still leveling)
Timezone: GMT

I just got removed from a game for getting MVPs as Mac, I need friends :sob:

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Mac and Lahni are both seen as sorta awful for Horde, they work on lower difficulties but higher up they are almost useless. I haven’t had much experience with Mac, but Lahni is basically just a much worse Kait, so if I’m doing a Master run I’m not gonna play with you bruh, no offense. Will still add you, just focus on improving other characters and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

@dannyjo22 I haven’t done Dam or Lift yet either, so if you are on we can crush them grubs together :heart:

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I was playing on Incon earlier as him when I was kicked.
His high cool down on his Ult and his boltok are pretty handy.
The main issue is the same with most, execution rules getting in the way with downed enemies.

Lahni post changes seems annoying to me, having to melee things isn’t my thing.

I somehow also forgot Clayton and Paduk.

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Awesome, Hopefully should be on later 5 or so hours. Great game on icebound earlier this week, you was immense with Fahz! Did you know JD? I was wondering if there was a competition going as sometimes you seemed reluctant to get each other up :laughing:

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Hey there,

If it’s Horde, I’m down. I’m EST and on all the time.

I can main whoever is needed.



GT: LNA7777
Insane and upwards but can play any level
Horde mains: Clayton, Keegan, Kait, Lizzie all max marcus 17 and cog nearly there
Timezone: GMT

Also have jd max but dont enjoy playing him really.
Play alot of escape too
Usually online with my partner level8 allies


@Watery_shoe I think the issue with Lahni + Mac is that they were simply made for the sole purpose of Escape, the only way I see them being viable is if TC gives them cards meant exclusively for Horde, Keegan got sorta lucky out of the 3 of Scorpio squad.

@dannyjo22 You call that a competition? :joy_cat:
Seriously though when I use Fahz I’m 100% focused on snipes, I’d much rather get a sick snipe then have to constantly play medic all game :roll_eyes:
I also knew that because Jack was in the game we’d be fine, don’t think our Jack was the best but he knew what to do lol, My (fahz) and JD’s objective was to protect you guys down there, even if one of us got picked off upstairs we’d be fine because we’d get revived by one of you.

GT: ComicKaze23
Difficulty: Inconceivable or Master
Mains: Clayton, Del, JD, Lizzie
Viable (18): Kait, Jack, Keegan,
Working on: Cole (16), Paduk (11), Baird (9)
Timezone: IST (GMT +4.5)

Time difference might prevent me from playing along with a lot of you, though I have run in to a few people randomly. I’m just looking for a team that understands an efficient way of completing 50 waves, whichever characters you play.

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GT : Shaa XoX Mwahh
Difficulty: Insane + can play on any difficulty do not mind.
Maxed Characters - Jack, Del+Baird, Cog Gear, Lizzie, Cole & Lahni .
Horde Mains - Lizzie, Jack, Cog, Kait (17) , Fahz (16) engineer role sometimes.
Lvl-8 / Legendary Gears Allies with @LNA7777
Do Speed Runs on Escape as well for Character XP/ Cards.
Time Zone: UK, BST

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