Horde and Escape skills

Ok, so every character has different abilities, different weapons, and different perks. In horde, you cannot purchase every type of weapon, nor can you pick up a weapon for a challenge (such as the “Kill X amount of enemies with the mace”). And then, once you play through roughly 30 waves or so with a character that has maxed out a particular skill, you still get cards for that skill. Yet, you cannot scrap those extra cards, nor can you use them to boost anything else in the skill slots. Is there going to be a higher level for those skills to be used, or is this going to be a wasted space scenario?

Apparently, TC might be considering Level 6 cards like they did with Gears 4. So if it went ahead, I think we’d retroactively unlock some Level 6 skills.

For Escape, the main three Hivebusters have over 25+ Legendary duplicates that it’s crazy. I think my Mac or Keegan had over 30+ Legendary duplicates, past Level 5…

Wow. Yeah, I haven’t played enough to get the higher levels, but the lower level stuff keeps getting me stuff I’ve already maxed out. Its weird to re-up and only get scrap from the supply drops, yet the skills I’ve gotten for my characters are so low level and unneccesary.