Horde and escape needs to be updated

I have been playing gears of war for a long LONG time and what I enjoyed the most was playing split screen on versus, campaign, horde, beast and other modes but gears 4 kinda pissed me off with horde not being able to play without gold membership and gears 5 has done the same. I can’t play horde or escape without gold meaning I can’t play part of the game without paying for a gold membership. If an update could come out so I wouldn’t have to have gold to play horde or escape alone or split screen that would be amazing but it didn’t happen in gears 4 so I wont get my hopes up.

It’s like that, online only so it can run on 60 FPS. Apparently what Ryan Cleven said on Twitter.

It’s really sad though as I can’t experience the full game without paying for a subscription which is complete ■■■■■■■■

Literally everything needs a connection nowadays with modern coop style games… It is a shame especially when I remember the good old days of split screen myself. Round 50 zombie runs on COD etc just classic old school stuff

Exactly! Gears 1 to judgement had fine couch coop but gears 4 and 5 just ruined it. Gears 5 should step up its game seriously. What a disappointment

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into the xbox live infrastructure over the years so its not a surprise they’d want to earn some money to keep investing into the service.

You can earn free gold subscriptions with the Microsoft rewards program if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time with it.

On certain countries… not globally