Horde and escape difficulties

Anyone else think that they have too many difficulties? Going from 4 to 8 is quite a jump. I don’t like it because it dilutes the player pool for a game that already doesn’t have record breaking numbers. I’d rather see them involve the enemy modifiers in a different way. Something like you choose a difficulty from a smaller amount of choices and then vote on modifiers which could increase skill card rarity drop rate.

I like the idea of having more than just easy-normal-hard but unfortunately having so many options basically killed public matchmaking. Anything that requires a vote has always been frown upon by TC so an “easier” fix would be to leave something simple (like easy-normal-hard) for public matchmaking and add as many options as they can for custom games.

Unless you’re on the US, the only way to play Horde or Escape is through custom games.

I like both systems. If feels appropriate to have modifier-based difficulty in Gears 5. For example if I don’t like enemies doing extra damage to me on Insane, I can swap it out for something else.

But in previous Gears it made sense to have pre-defined difficulties.