Horde and escape cards keep being removed

I’ve been having an issue for a few weeks where I play escape or horde and my cards are being removed. Anyone know what’s causing this. I’ve had fellow players have to leave horde matches too when they notice now cards are assigned.

I’ve been running surge today and after 5 or 6 games I noticed my clips size had gone down, checked my cards and all removed. Prior to horde I can often check the cards of who I’m going to play but if I have to switch characters I’ve often found I end up having to back out of the game after the host has started!

Yep, I find restarting the game resolves this.

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The last time this happened it came when I changed characters as the match was starting.

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I have this issue from time to time. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve started taking pictures to keep track especially after getting the cards I want.

My cards don’t actually cease to be mine they just get unequipped and I must re-equip. It happens occasionally seemed like switching as the game was loading caused it to reconcile a ghosted character with my present one and of course the ghost had nothing in it’s stateful configuration. I seriously hope yours stay yours or get returned. I think I’d be playing destiny exclusively if I lost some cards I worked hard to get.

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Hey man,

You play other games besides gears? What herisy is this? :sunglasses:

But on the for reals, destiny is not a bad game.

I’m seriously considering destiny. We have it, 2 of my friends from work play it, my son plays it much more than Gears. My first love was Halo up until they killed Cortona and I never touched it again. I will check out 6 when it comes.
If I end up liking Halo 6 and play it so much that I miss an opportunity to get Anya (my absolute favorite gears character) then I’ll uninstall Gears and it will be dead to me forever.
Of course I think people can at least still buy most new characters so hopefully I’ll be ok.
Watch them outright start including them for free with Redit 5.5 :laughing:

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Master escape run just got me 7 cards - blue and green only. Total BS. They haven’t fixed squat.

It is true that they haven’t fixed it in every way that it sucks but now that you can get legendary cards in beginner though then what could be fixed is people playing high difficulty to get legendary cards even though they aren’t ready for it.
In other words kids that want to jump on master runs with a 5th Emile to get legendary cards might just opt to play something more their speed and leave master to people that are more experienced.
I remain cautiously optimistic there.

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