Horde Achievements II

I want to put together a group to get horde achievements with. I need all of them anyone else want to play let me know im in GM -5 time zone Oklahoma, i can play almost evey evening during the week any any time during weekend.

Hi, count me in, I’m on uk time so 5 hours ahead, just ping me a message when you get a team together and I’ll help gt o0sebsta0o 0= zero

I can try and join at the weekend.
There will be 2 of us if that’s any help. We’re UK GMT. But shouldn’t be a problem

What time fames are you available your time? Google says you are 6 hours ahead of me im willing to stay up late/ get up early. o0sebstaoo0 please reply also

Heya, I’ve sent you a message on Xbox live

Hey, what’s your gamer tag?

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