Horde 4x XP let’s make it happen

We got versus. Now let’s get horde


First things first… patch every single speedrun then do 4xp.


They have done a lot of Horde XP events. They’re finally doing a series of VS and have a couple more modes to go so you picked the wrong time to ask. They’re not going to cut their plans short.

No, tks. That messes public horde greatly.

How about 25 waves horde again?

Maybe on incon this time? That would have thumbs up.


Like Bloodrive?

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How about no and stop crying about SR’s already. Game is just about 2 years old and people still cry about this. It doesn’t hurt you one bit if you do not play them so why complain?


Tell that to those who try not playing outside cover on Bloodrive.

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To be fair it’s not speedrunners fault TC a, felt the need to “fix” things and b, executed it poorly. I don’t speed run as I don’t really play hoard but if I did I’d want to do it as efficiently as possible as that’s me, it’s a game, the idea behind many games is to do things efficiently, so they did and TC lost the plot cuz it messes with their BS “economy” an money grabbing strategy, an that I can’t respect. Hoard and the grind for rank/credits is something that needs to be done thousands of times over the years, some ppl got good, how was that not the plan? If there was the same hoard but no lootboxes an these speedruns were happening it would have gone unnoticed, it’s pathetic

How about when TC add something to the game they friggen leave it there, how bout that

I don’t care about how someone chooses to play, but if TC intended to hinder the speed runs they (possibly) could have done other things besides making spawn points chaotic.

The biggest part of a speed run is the use of the sentries. They could have made an enemy type that was resistant/immune to them (though probably a bit unreasonable post launch), or they could have limited the amount used within a certain surface area.


I didn’t know the “fix” to blooddrive until a mate an i 2manned it for class of 08, an yea spawning was indeed a WTF matter but we prevailed anyhow :smile: but yea I totally agree with you, that was a lazy “fix” let’s face it, they “broke” it with a “fix” go figure

Speedrunners are pretty resourceful. I’m sure they will find a way around it.I don’t think limiting number of sentries based on numbers or proximity would work - not without it affecting normal Horde runs.

Thing is, Blood Drive required a large number of sentries to compensate for the lack of Radar Ping in order to make it fast.

Lift Apex is easily done with just 4 sentries - the bulk of the damage is done by grenade plants, and in particular shock grenades; amd later on by the Hammer Of Dawn.

Clock Tower is also easily done using about 6 sentries spread between two spawn sites (so there’s only 3 each).

Checkout can also be done with about 6 sentries (4 on the main spawn, and 2 on the secondary).

It’s actually a mix on A) speedrunning, B) Coalition poor patching.

We’ve been through this before.

The questions you need to ask in the forst instance are “why is speedrunning a problem?” and “who does it cause a problem for”?

And the answer comes down to TC wanting to prevent players from accumulating large amounts of credits, and therefore increase the number of packs they can sell for real money.

Ruining Blood Drive came about from TC’s response and attempt to patch it.

Speedruns didn’t have to be a problem for anyone but TC decided to police how players should play.

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There’s no lie on my response.

I wanted to play Bloodrive as once I had. But I can’t.

So thanks to both.

I don’t think they could eliminate speed runs. However if they’re going to attempt to disrupt them, it would be better to use in game stuff (e.g. new enemies) to reduce the margin of error for successful runs rather than wreck the map, or use damage nerfs (salvo) and price increases (HoD).

It wasn’t THAT long ago that we had a 4x horde (well, everything) xp boost.