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Horde 4.0 sounds like it's repeating a mistake Judgement did

I am a huge fan of Horde mode in all the GOW games, however I HATED how OverRun’s class system was character locked for the COG. From what I hear about Horde 4.0 they are going to restrict characters to classes, like Engineer is always Baird.

It was one thing for Arcade VS to do this but for Horde it is 2 steps back since in GOW 4 Horde the class system was there but your character skin could be ANYONE.

TC is stupid to make horde like Judgement’s OverRun class system when GOW 4 has a better system.


Kinda saw it coming when I heard their comment on how you gotta commit to the character in Escape. Sounded like they were gonna put it in Horde.

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In the Escape mode it makes sense though as only those 3 characters are “hive busters”, it is their 3 person group that the mode is centered on, Horde mode is for everyone and is not based on a set mission or story like regular VS.

They never should have screwed with what worked in GOW 4’s Horde mode, keep the class system sure, expand on it but do NOT make it “each class is based on a set character”.


Huh. Yeah that would be weird considering how it works in Gears 4. Even if it’s true though, I would still just consider it a minor annoyance. The inverse omen is the only thing that can make or break this game for me.

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I’m genuinely surprised that they would do this. It seems insane to me actually. I think surely I must be missing something. They can’t be that stupid.


Characters should be cosmetic only in my opinion


I wouldn’t mind as much if they let us put any skin on the character. E.g. if they force us to be Anya for Scout, that sucks, but at least let me slap Black Steel on her.

But yeah if all the PvE modes force you to use a specific character, that would make them more boring.

It wouldn’t make any sense to put character restrictions in Horde. I really, really hope this is not the case. It honestly might dissuade me from playing Horde much to be honest; I play for kicks and giggles, I don’t want the added stress of feeling pressured into playing a particular class or character (though GOW4 already does that with the classes to some extent)…

That is what one of the horde achievements seems to be implying which is why I made the topic.

“Compulsive Horder Reach Character Level 15 with Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, Fahz, and Jack”

and this one:

“Who’s Your Horde Main? Reach Character Level 15 with a launch Horde Character”

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The achievement list makes it sound like Horde is character locked. And that people have ultimate abilities like they do in Escape.


This better not be true because no one wants to be locked playing as only bloody JD, Kait and Del etc.


I have one piece of sad info for you. It seems they are.

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I wouldn’t mind having locked characters for arcade and probably Escape, but for horde? Now we have a problem. My question for TC is what would be the point of earning different characters if we could only use them in ranked matches and not Horde (assuming there will be locked characters for horde.)? I don’t think it makes sense.


Has any of this been confirmed officially, sounds highly unlikely they would force you to play as certain characters.
Think about it, it would hurt them financially. Some Gearheads are Horde only. As it is they will not purchase Locust packs (obviously didn’t in Gears4), now they would be purchasing far less COG packs.
Just don’t see it happening.

Video is blocked, at least in UK. I love DR. :+1:

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This actually implies there will be other characters though, not that we will only have default ones.
You may find we have those for beginners to get a handle on Horde mode ?

I am only basing it on the two horde achievements listed, the two achievements imply certain characters will be set for each class.

Now maybe it’s worded poorly (I pray it is) but if it’s like Over Run where “Paduk” is always the character for scout class" then GOW 5’s horde is NOT off to a good start.

When they release info and let people play at gamescom or where ever they are letting people try horde mode more evidence will be revealed.

I really want to be wrong and that my concern is for nothing but if it’s not me worried for nothing horde in GOW 5 will need to be change to be like 4.

It seems VERY likely this is the case, but I am sure we will find out officially in about 9 days.