Horde 4.0 Should have a leveling system of its own

So, if you play as much Horde as I have, then you have probably run into this situation. You get matched in an Inconceivable lobby with an amazing map to play (whether you just like the map or it’s easy to play) and you load in the game. Only for your expectation of “gg 2 ez” turn into “looks like another 10 minutes of searching” due to a (what you normally get) Re-Up 2 with no cards leveled up correctly or just using the wrong cards and is under-skilled for this difficulty. We have all been their once or hundreds times, leaving the lobby due to someone thinking they can play (not saying they can’t but with how inconceivable is, you kinda need cards) and having to look for another lobby and hoping you can get lucky enough to get a game with well respected and high skilled players to make the game go by as easy as we can make it.

Making something like this would hopefully not be impossible to make in Gears, but playing in Pubs (Public games) is a nightmare with how it can be played at the moment. Your rolling the dice 70% of the time praying you get ppl that know what their doing. And even if they have cards and levels, they can still be what we call “Fake Wings” as in, they speed run and they have no real skill in playing regular Horde seeing as Speed running can be played with one hand at times (Sniper) and adds no real skill to horde.

Making a skill based leveling system will hopefully get most people to practice or give those who know what to do every time all the time a more respected chance to get with players who can play on their level of skill. It’s gotten to the point were I will not even touch Pub Inconceivable unless I have 4 or of the 5 people in the squad, to insure that even if the last guy is bad, we have all the important classes covered. (To be honest you only need 4 to play inconceivable, 3 inset as bad as it seems as well, as long as you know what your doing).

Please don’t turn the comments into a toxic waist land of “This will never work, horrible idea!” or some annoying stuff. Help make this something that can possibly get added or even better, read by TC to get their feedback on something like this. Because as of now (as I’v said before) Public inconceivable games are horrible due to the simple fact that ANYONE at ANY LEVEL can join. All I’m asking is to make something to divide those who can and will make the effort to get better at the difficulty and prove themselves that they can play on something higher, basically work your way up the harder and harder difficulty levels. And not just jump straight into the hardest Difficulty and ruin the game for everyone their wanting to have a good game.


Also if you don’t know what baby sitting is, is when you have someone on your team who has no idea what to do and you just carry them and do everything for them. Something I’m not dealing with if I see it in a game.

Hope everyone can respect the post and only respond with Helpful tips or respected comments, Hit me up if you ever need help with Any difficulty problems or Maps you may want tips on.

Love you TC if you get a chance to read this <3


This will never work, horrible idea!

But really, i couldnt agree more. There needs to be a ranking system for public horde so the true diamond 5 tier horde players can stand out from these speedrun casuals.


I stopped playing public a year and a half ago. It’s awful! I wil only play for the special events and then I bring a squad! I will insane with just 2 others depending the map!

Tbh, I do speedrun, but its only to lvl up my purple cards. Seeing as me trying to get a full game in of incon on pubs takes me 5 trys, I waist too much time trying to find a game, let a lone playing one. So I resorted to SRing (but I would rather play regular Horde anyday over SRing) so I wouldn’t waist so much time and I only just started as well, form lvl 0 Re-Up 0 to lvl 60+ Wings 2 I played regular Horde on Inconceivable since it came out, and before that Insane. But I would like to see SRing no longer be a thing in Gears 5 :stuck_out_tongue: making the grind worth it and more satisfying.

Ditto. I was only motivated by speedruns for the credits, and because GOW4’s in game economy is unbalanced (with poor payouts in Versus, RNG, and poor drop rates from packs).

Ideally I’d be playing Horde as it was meant to be, or playing much more Versus.

I know skins shouldn’t matter, but I’ve got a bit of a collector’s streak about it. I see them as a bit of a goal in itself. Now it’s a late into the games life cycle I’ll be doing much more Versus.

So, what about sentries and strikes?

Isn’t it it about carrying team too?

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What about people who do both normal Horde and Speed Runs?
I don’t really believe that anybody who Speed Runs would have any less skills.
Unless you could prove this with a few examples.
Sure, Speed Runners may have maxed cards and class skills to Level 6 but this may mean they’d have more potential for Damage and diversity of play styles.
I never used Berserker, Last Stand, Thick Skin in normal games until I did Speed Runs to fund Credits for Packs to Scrap to level those Horde Skills up.
Now I use them often in any games.
Also, people who do Speed Runs may have more knowledge over spawn points.
Sometimes in normal games, I’d like more enemies to appear in my vision but not many come like on Raven Down or Relic.
So what do I do? I go somewhere else on the Map with no Fortifications around me, just fight them out on my open.
I’d already be manipulating the spawns, something called blocking enemy spawn(s).
When a Sniper plays with Explosive Headshot in any normal game, it might help to know where enemies spawn and just headshot them as soon as possible for multi-kills.
This requires knowing where enemies will spawn in large number.
When I played Blood Drive as Engie with Fabricator outside the spawn room, top of stairs.
I wouldn’t have figured how to control the spawn room enemies, but fortunately I had experience with Blood Drive Speed Runs where I used to spawn trap that spawn room.

How would this be integrated when we are already able to choose which Difficulties we want to do?
From Casual to Inconceivable, adding some sort of skill based levelling system might further divide the community and matchmaking.
In before we see LFG posts asking for Diamonds only or to Onyx Horde players… I wouldn’t wanna see that.
Some people may get denied from joining, just because they’re “lower skilled”.
How are they supposed to learn and get better by observing and watching people who are familiar to Horde, or using different setups or skills to them?
Apparently in Gears 4 during loading screens, they give a tip to players to try higher difficulty settings for more rewards.

Some people wouldn’t really mind because it may mean more kills for themself in public games.
Otherwise if everyone’s killing evenly or some were killing a lot more than others, then the other players may feel more useless and not killing much like when people using Strikes during Boss Waves, Strikes during Waves, Sentries doing most of the work.
Soldiers blocking enemies coming around corners with Shock Grenades radius.
Or Heavies killing most with Dropshots.
It can sometimes seem like someone who kills a lot, babysits the rest of the team even if they were capable.


Apparently, it is.
Anything that makes someone else more useless, can be seen as babysitting.
You could have only yourself with Dropshot killing most enemies, while having other Wings players in your match and it’s still babysitting.
It shouldn’t really matter IMO.

Yeah and maybe we can have Fake diamond wings too…I’ll gladly have those as my emblem


If it worked by having higher number of Horde matches completed = higher ranked.
Then Speed Runners may be Onyx to Diamond
If only Ranked/Public matches count and not Private, then a squad of five Speed Runners could go search Public matchmaking and back out when they don’t get Speed Run Map.
If higher number of Horde kills = higher ranked, then people may try to kill a lot by Strikes, Sentries, spawn trapping, Grenade tagging spawns.
Why do the players need to compete against each other for higher ranks?
It’s meant to be cooperation and team game rather than trying to kill loads and prevent others from doing so, so they get higher ranked or something.
I don’t think a ranking system has its place in Horde mode.


I have several friends who only do speed runs. I’ve tried playing with them in a few Normal difficulty/regular runs and they were downed every few seconds. They had no concept of how to use the A-button to roadie run or take cover.

They would just stand there in doorways or out in the open and get blasted repeatedly. I’ve tried to play versus with them a few times as well to help them get achievements and ribbons and they refused to use their gnashers; They just walked around on escalation with their chainsaws out. One guy is wings 2, one is wings 4 and another is only on his 8-9th reup. I’m not good at versus by any means but I had the most points/kills on my team every time.

Sorry, I didn’t bother to record any clips of their phenomenally bad performances in every other facet of their playing outside of speedruns. (Name on bottom is the highest wings/brunt of many inside jokes. June 19th screenshot)

But again it’s a generalisation to say that all speedrunners are poor and not good at regular Horde mode. I know of some players who speedrun who are poor at Horde, but some are very good.

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Check the quote in which I was responding for context.

I was giving specifics for a specific comment.

I think basing a ranking system off of one or two factors is a pretty terrible idea, an actual ranking system would have to be much more complex.

To show whos better. It’s how vs works, you fight the other team but your performance is ranked against your team as well, if one player does all the work that player should be rewarded.

Does a ranking system belong in horde? Maybe not, but I don’t see how players trying there best to win could be a bad thing.

Maybe a ranking system is not the way to go but we do need something to separate wheat from chaff.

Playing on inconceivable should at the very least mean that everyone knows their role and enough to not sabotage the team, yet public inconceivable is filled with people who barely knows how to play the game and to top it off, very few actually care enough to learn since most answer “I know how to play, leave alone or some other angry response” yet there they go buying weapons every other round ignoring lockers or buying the occasional sentry or barrier to “help the team” when they’re playing soldier.

Right now you buy the game, play your first match on insane, sit on the corner and when the match is finished you can play inconceivable, that is what TC thought was enough to play the most difficult setting, tutorials? nah that’s completely unnecessary.


Maybe they didn’t play very well, didn’t care getting downed, played too casually and not seriously.
And in Versus, some Speed Runners may either be great at Versus and doing Speed Runs for Credits for Characters/Skins or terrible at Versus and mainly a Horde player.
There are people who have done both Versus and Horde, and could be considered average to great at both like me for instance.
I do normal Horde, Speed Runs, Ranked and Social Quickplay, and I could still do well at them all.
Your friends you’ve played with may not be a good all rounder quality player across all game modes, no offense but there’s definitely players like this out there.

It’d only become a problem when people compare each other.
Some people may have some kind of superiority complex, which gives them the added on privileges and more ‘rights’ like they’re the boss or something.
At the moment, people do this already when trying to get MVP every round and try to get the higher score at the end of Wave 50 matches.

Yeaaa …that was my whole point of my previous response to your statement below …Am I on crazy pills here?

At the risk of being completely redundant, I was citing examples for you…

I’ve known them and played with them years.; They’ve always played that way. They like to run inconceivable ironman speed runs all day where they can essentially stand in a spot doing very little. Nothing wrong with that until a lone errant juvie gets loose and takes everyone else down.

In those Escalation instances they were actively trying to win x-number of matches for an achievement so I was helping where I could, even though I obviously never play that mode either as I had no rank. ( “They” being 2 good friends and one friend of a friend who I have since blocked on xbl due to her joining parties, talking over us while unloading her life problems at a volume that made communicating with one another impossible.)

Anyway, I’m just confused at this point: Examples were requested, then given and then ignored. No sense in taking this any further. lol

I didn’t ignore your examples, no.
My original point was not believing “that anybody who Speed Runs would have any less skills”.
What this meant was, I was confident there’s people out there that can do well, better or sub par to normal Horde players.
Most people would think Speed Runners are inferior, have less skills, worse at killing and surviving.
Your examples proved that some people are indeed terrible when it comes to normal games.
While I was tryna say that not everyone is terrible in normal Horde games.

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I brought this up - for the 1000th time… - due to its potencial for ruining game experience. “Oh, but it’s so cheap”. It IS cheap (both ways) . And boring as hell.

About the dropshot issue: it’s a matter of choosing proper class for each map. Also positioning, strategy, weaponry, skill and (why not?) luck. Rookies on insane/ incon? No, it won’t help.

(Anyway, back to OP.) I Hope Coalition find a way to improve matchmaking on 4.0. It´s only fair to be paired with good players who target a good experience.