Horde 4.0 Discussion Thread(s)

Has there been a thread made for this? If not I’d like to discuss different ideas with anyone on what they think Horde will be like Gears 5, if it even will be in the game.

Mutators would be nice.


I’m curious, if Horde is returning, which it most definitely will, how they would go about it? Maybe keep it the same as 4 but make some changes to adjust to the mechanics of 5 if different from now.

I’d like some more Horde challenges though as well, similar to the Griffin one, but maybe a bit more challenging and make you feel rewarded once unlocked.

Theres no way Gears 5 won’t have horde. It’s been a staple since Gears 2 and a big chunk of Gears 4 players. I think if they mixed up the classes a little plus add all enemy types in horde 4.0 and I mean ALL from previous Gears like Maulers, Kantus, Berserkers, ect. But also I really hope overrun returns.

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I know I only say that because that’s what the devs are like lol they tease and say if there even is this or that’s if we even do a beta haha.

More enemy variants please, More bosses for example.
That’s why Horde 3.0 gets repetitive faster than Horde 2.0

Mutators would be very great too, But I kinda want new gamemodes, No not only changing enemy variants, I want that don’t get me wrong, But not only that. For example maybe an endless gamemode, Or a rush one that you need to get points in like 5 minutes and enemies rush you and thrre is a lot, But you got more health and damage.

I mean not all will agree and maybe it’s “too much” for TC but give us more variety in general :slight_smile:

Oh and I forgot something, 60 FPS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

I think that’s a good idea, imagine Locust and Lambent coming back to create more enemies for horde, definitely increases the variety.


Pretty sure there is but never a bad idea for Horde. I am down for more enemies, especially older ones from previous Gears titles. They need to change so much imo too. A lot of people here have said that difficulties should be locked and I agree with that. Work your way up, especially when new people buy the game. Also, not sure how this would work out but those people who have no clue how to play, need to pass a test in the game to use that certain class. Not sure if it would work though.

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I think that Horde should be made fun again, I know it still can be now, but most people use Horde as a credit grind/boost. Gears 3 was fun yet still challenging. You could add mutators to make it easier or fun or even hard.

What I’m trying to get at is that I wish progression gets brought back and we won’t have to use Horde as our best source of income.

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I really wish I can get into Horde.

I would love a wider variety of enemies. Maybe a map or two with environmental damage or areas that get closed off.

Something a big more dynamic than waves of enemies who get just more health.

Hopefully they can come up with something good for 5 :metal:

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I’m sure they won’t, people can’t deny Gears 4 is still a good game. But I’m sure they will overcome their issues with 4 and make improvements in 5 to satisfy everyone.

Gears 4 is a solid game when the matchmaking system gets it right and everyone’s on low ping :ok_hand:

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Hey mate,

Thank you for your topic.

As for the subject, I’d like to see the following addressed in Horde 4.0:

Some of the ideas that came to my mind when playing solo in Public:

  • It’s good to give the team an insight of other teammates’ cards set in order to review which ones should keep and which ones should not.
    e.g. Heavy does’t have Turret Damage card, thus Engineer could swap Turret Cost with another card.

  • Add another Horde variant: Time manner Boss waves rather than difficulty based, where the whole team should collaborate to stand still. Difficulty could multiply if certain number of enemies haven’t been killed.


Horde needs a whole new rethink it quickly becomes just ages stood behind sentry’s and turrets and then the engineer repairs them and we go again, this gets old quickly,
I say go back to Gears 2 horde but be able to upgrade your weapons like in Gears 4 get rid of all the fortification crap and classes.
Bringing back more interesting enemies and proper bosses (maybe even Raam or Skorge) would freshen it up a lot.

Oh and if they could bring back River as well love that map.

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What I would love to see is a combination of all of the hordes in one

I feel like horde should work like a legacy of the games, carrying all of the bosses all of the enemies and their respective weapons forward with it, even if they are not available in multiplayer, adding to the experience rather than taking away each game improving on the last while implementing new things. Horde is basically its own separate game multiplayer is like its own separate game and campaign is like its own separate game so they should be treated as such there is communities that are literally based around just horde. So how would I make it ?

Get rid of The power pick up system from gears of war 4 instead have it like gears of War 3 where you simply get paid for killing enemies (having to run out every single round end takes away from your base building time especially if you’re playing solo also the payout was complete trash in comparison building one spike trap Took multiple rounds at times in gears 4)

Keep being able to move around fortifications that were introduced in gears of War 4 rather than having them static like 3

Bring back all of the old enemy archetypes from the first game all the way until the fifth game adding more variation for example
(Swarm, Deebee/new swarm Deebee, locust, lambent)
It would also be nice to see these 4 factions fighting at each other every now and again and cooperating like they did sometimes in gears of War 3 horde it made for some moments where you were completely certain you were dead turn into a situation you could try and take advantage in the crossfire when they start turning on each other.

Bring back campaign bosses that are quite rare but can appear every now and again giving a bigger XP reward when defeated Something like a 1in3 chance or something, Who does not want to face general RAMM again ?

Expand upon the class system brought in in gears of War4,
It was quite fun being able to play a part in a team bringing different parts of a puzzle rather than just being a standard soldier with nothing special brings more to the mode especially on higher levels. Although I don’t believe engineer should be the only class that can fix fortifications every other class should be able to just not as well. It makes solo runs really difficult as a result. although something needs to be done about the bosses and how spongy they are I mean it’s easier to defeat bosses in the campaign then it is even on higher difficulty horde mode in the fourth game it’s a little stupid it means you are cowering behind turrets the majority of the later rounds. That’s gotta change,

Being able to play offline. You know ? Because couch co-op still exists.

So yeah just a few little things I would change on top of that in private matches or off-line matches give the players the ability to toggle between the enemy sets they want to fight against or a big screen where they can toggle certain characters off and on sort of like we saw in the escape mode gameplay videos already people being able to choose the enemies they place in Horde just give people the ability to toggle which ones they want and which ones they don’t want to appear." The option" not a necessity. It will give people the ability to train again specific enemy types and can use horde as a sort unspecified training mode where they can hone their skills against certain boss characters if they want to as well before jumping into online playing with friends or randoms.

This is a little bit of a nitpick this one but from the gameplay I have seen I have noticed the enemies always go for the long execution that can be interrupted and turned back on the enemies inside of the escape mode as cool as that is make that a random chance of happening rather than something that happens all the time otherwise people are going to start abusing being able to push enemies when they are just going to sit on you and punch you for 15 seconds just waiting to be killed by someone else.

(also why can’t we save people from being executed normally yet? If somebody is in the process of curb stomp on me and haven’t stopped on my head yet why do we still die ? Feel like some of these execution animations need some sort of cancellable properties so teammates can still save you or simply an instant revive upon an enemy execution being stopped. Just little things like that. That goes for all modes not just horde)

And is my last note going back to gears of War for and how the whole fabricator system worked being able to move it to set up your base and such. I would rather just completely getting rid of that and allowing people to you for example press the scoreboard button and just bring down the drop down menu of what you want to buy that way allowing people to maybe spread out across the map setting up little checkpoints and chokepoints splitting enemy attention creating their own little sandboxes to fortify rather than having to huddle up around a little mechanical box to get fortifications.

That’s about all I got

Tightening up the core gameplay
Making earning currency a lot more accessible and streamlined
Freedom of placement for fortifications
Enemy archetypes from all previous games and the current as well as the bosses from the campaigns.

All of that and you could turn this into like I said I legacy mode almost like a museum of all of the games put into one. Yes some of the enemies are basically re-skins of other ones but like I said when you have a few different factions fighting at the same time giving the players the option change enemy allegiance from, let’s say

Eradication (this Horde type makes every enemy after you regardless of what fraction or archetype they are cooperating with the sole purpose to eliminate you)

Horde war (this Horde type turns it into a four way battle between the factions and yourself being able to take advantage of crossfire scenarios and that can arise during gameplay)

Turning it into a 5vs-Swarm-VS-Deebee-VS-Locust-VS-lambent or a 5vsALL

Even in public match for this option and it would make the mode feel like two different games completely and you would get a different game play experience from it.

(obviously endangered would be a lot more difficult to playthrough)

Regardless of what Horde type is picked it’s still your traditional survive from 1 to 50 game mode. (perhaps rather than enemy damage increasing by 2x Health and damage you take and what not The difficulty after reaching boss waves increases by strengthening certain archetypes at random such as (ROUND 10 CLEARED. MUTATOR ACTIVE. LAMBENT death Explosion radius 20%)
Then you could stand a whole bunch of things off of that such as them doing more damage when they explode on death you could have hundreds of variations of mutators for passing every 10 waves that can affect each individual enemy archetype or enemy function completely in the end it would just make the game more difficult in a less predictive way. Soon as horde becomes predictable it becomes boring with little changes like this it would make every single horde play through different.

Maybe you start playing on round one you get nothing but robots and you only start seeing stuff turning up at around 20 to change that up maybe you only get locus from round 1 to 50 rare of course of that happening but a chance. Give them a dramatic notification when another faction joins. Like a big Loust roar with locust symbol on your screen with text saying LOCUST HORDE HAVE JOINED THE BATTLE With a little bit of dialogue from queen myrrah
“THIS battle is over yet still they resist!!”
and now all the archetypes of the locust have been added to the spawn pool for the remainder of the game and can randomly appear at any time throughout the whole game now. Just making those awwwwww sh#¥!!! Moments come back

Wave 25.
[General RAM has arrived!!!]
“Bring the humans to their end”

And if you get killed in battle you get a unique death dialogue from which our faction kill you such as, the swarm laughing in your face, The Queen roasting you, Lambent bubbly gargles and hisses and Deebee Smug justice and law lines after a full team defeat

But yes this is all I got I’m a little late to this forum and this is my first ever post on any form so it is probably a bunch of gibberish but I tried. As a lover of Gears of war in general and a lover of Horde these are the things I want to see come to it to make the mode both accessible and replayable for everybody in the more variation you have the longer the mode will last. Variation is king in survival modes/horde and it’s why the third game will always be my favourite for horde, so many possibilities.


I give you A+ for effort !

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Thanks ^,^':heart:

All I ever wanted and still want to this day is Horde 2.5
2.0 is as close to perfection we have had as a coop Horde experiance.

Still play it to this day, stopped playing 3.0 ages ago, just generally so VERY boring.

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Mhm. It drags the game on making you run around pick up tags off the floor slowing the game right down for no reason and use faced the same enemies every other around with only one strategy hiding behind sentry turrets on the later rounds because there’s not really much else you can do in the face of snatchers and carriers that will completely trample you because of the ridiculous sized health pool, i’m serious I can defeat a campaign snatcher on insane faster than a Normal mode Horde version. It’s dumb.

Gears 3 had it down 2.5 would be perfect