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Horde 4.0 Discussion Thread(s)


(xFribbo) #1

Has there been a thread made for this? If not I’d like to discuss different ideas with anyone on what they think Horde will be like Gears 5, if it even will be in the game.

(SchizoPsycho74) #2

Mutators would be nice.

(xFribbo) #3

I’m curious, if Horde is returning, which it most definitely will, how they would go about it? Maybe keep it the same as 4 but make some changes to adjust to the mechanics of 5 if different from now.

I’d like some more Horde challenges though as well, similar to the Griffin one, but maybe a bit more challenging and make you feel rewarded once unlocked.

(ll R E D l) #4

Theres no way Gears 5 won’t have horde. It’s been a staple since Gears 2 and a big chunk of Gears 4 players. I think if they mixed up the classes a little plus add all enemy types in horde 4.0 and I mean ALL from previous Gears like Maulers, Kantus, Berserkers, ect. But also I really hope overrun returns.

(xFribbo) #5

I know I only say that because that’s what the devs are like lol they tease and say if there even is this or that’s if we even do a beta haha.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #6

More enemy variants please, More bosses for example.
That’s why Horde 3.0 gets repetitive faster than Horde 2.0

Mutators would be very great too, But I kinda want new gamemodes, No not only changing enemy variants, I want that don’t get me wrong, But not only that. For example maybe an endless gamemode, Or a rush one that you need to get points in like 5 minutes and enemies rush you and thrre is a lot, But you got more health and damage.

I mean not all will agree and maybe it’s “too much” for TC but give us more variety in general :slight_smile:

Oh and I forgot something, 60 FPS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

(xFribbo) #7

I think that’s a good idea, imagine Locust and Lambent coming back to create more enemies for horde, definitely increases the variety.


Pretty sure there is but never a bad idea for Horde. I am down for more enemies, especially older ones from previous Gears titles. They need to change so much imo too. A lot of people here have said that difficulties should be locked and I agree with that. Work your way up, especially when new people buy the game. Also, not sure how this would work out but those people who have no clue how to play, need to pass a test in the game to use that certain class. Not sure if it would work though.

(xFribbo) #9

I think that Horde should be made fun again, I know it still can be now, but most people use Horde as a credit grind/boost. Gears 3 was fun yet still challenging. You could add mutators to make it easier or fun or even hard.

What I’m trying to get at is that I wish progression gets brought back and we won’t have to use Horde as our best source of income.

(III EnVii III) #10

I really wish I can get into Horde.

I would love a wider variety of enemies. Maybe a map or two with environmental damage or areas that get closed off.

Something a big more dynamic than waves of enemies who get just more health.

Hopefully they can come up with something good for 5 :metal:

(xFribbo) #11

I’m sure they won’t, people can’t deny Gears 4 is still a good game. But I’m sure they will overcome their issues with 4 and make improvements in 5 to satisfy everyone.

(III EnVii III) #12

Gears 4 is a solid game when the matchmaking system gets it right and everyone’s on low ping :ok_hand:

(Noble Guardian) #13

Hey mate,

Thank you for your topic.

As for the subject, I’d like to see the following addressed in Horde 4.0:

Some of the ideas that came to my mind when playing solo in Public:

  • It’s good to give the team an insight of other teammates’ cards set in order to review which ones should keep and which ones should not.
    e.g. Heavy does’t have Turret Damage card, thus Engineer could swap Turret Cost with another card.

  • Add another Horde variant: Time manner Boss waves rather than difficulty based, where the whole team should collaborate to stand still. Difficulty could multiply if certain number of enemies haven’t been killed.


(SeveredLamb) #14

Horde needs a whole new rethink it quickly becomes just ages stood behind sentry’s and turrets and then the engineer repairs them and we go again, this gets old quickly,
I say go back to Gears 2 horde but be able to upgrade your weapons like in Gears 4 get rid of all the fortification crap and classes.
Bringing back more interesting enemies and proper bosses (maybe even Raam or Skorge) would freshen it up a lot.

Oh and if they could bring back River as well love that map.