Horde 3.0 biggest mistakes

As the title says here are my thoughts on what are horde 3.0 biggest mistakes.(opinion)

class restrictions- Unable to change classes during the session was bad. Especially in public where your game could be ended because either the engineer or scout left.

lack of class passive abilities- Without these abilities the classes were not really that different. An example would be like the engineer without the repair boost would not be different from a soldier with a repair gun.

50 wave horde- While it was fun in earlier games I believe that 50 waves has outlived its usefulness. They should get rid of 50 waves as a public option and replace it with a new variant with 25 waves being the new standard. As a private option I wouldn’t it. 50 waves is too long and is a serious commitment.

These are my thoughts, what are people thoughts on what were horde 3.0 biggest mistake. Feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading.


I think it would have helped if TAC-COM also revealed what cards your team mates had equipped, just to help players in Public given players don’t communicate that much in Public. Maybe not have it reveal the level of the card, but just what cards they have.

I like the 50 wave set-up, but agree that players should have a choice between either 25 or 50 waves.

Definitely would have been useful.

Like I said 50 waves as a public option is too problematic. A 10 wave variant as a public option would help alleviate frustration when two or more players leave a public match.

Being able to switch classes during the match would have been useful to stop some matches from disolving when the scout or engineer quit.

I like the 50 wave variant but I think with the lobby browser system in Gears 5 we’ll start to see lobbies labeled as 1 to 25 or 25 to 50 waves.

In my opinion, turrets and sentry spam were the biggest issues with horde 3.0. Thankfully turrets have been removed and it looks like they’ve taken steps to reduce sentry spam.

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really. hopefully this helps people from wanting to quit.

Yup. I think what should have been a feature, is that there is a Class Change function at the Fabricator. The first one is free (for the team, not per player), but subsequent ones cost money/power.


I don’t think splitting the horde community with 25 or 50 wave matches is a good idea. I do enjoy a long 50 wave match, but I can understand some people can’t game that long. Which is why they added the COG bot AI to fill in.

well RIP Horde…was so eager to play it, but after several games this class-based system discouraged me to play it