Hoping for more DLC Weapons

Thank thank you coalition. I have been for a time now writing in the forum that DLC weapons would give new live to the game, and Mannn they did a great job with the flame thrower damm. Love how you can set the floor on fire with it. Man oh man how cool would it be it they would bring more , would love to see what they can do with the digger or the Mortar. I hope they keep this going moving forward


With the success of the scorcher it’s only inevitable tbh. But I dont see one being added every operation at most we’ll get 3 more during Gears 5’s lifetime

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1000 likes would be added if I could.

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Digger please.

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It can’t come back, the creature ammo went extinct (I think?) unless TC converts into a leech launcher lol

My top picks are Breachshot , gorgon pistol, boomshield, saw-off :smiling_imp:, and the mortar

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I’m sure they could make something similar or to make a reason for it being there

Mortar ( in river, pahanu, bunker)
Hammer of dawn

If dead characters can come back, so can dead weapons.

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Breechshot that can be used as a melee weapon

Honestly, this needs to be given top priority. Lets hope they add this in OP6

Also bring back boomshield too! Would be very useful in horde to move an indestructible piece of cover anywhere on the map for protection.

We already have Talon pistol in Gears 5. Not sure if TC would add gorgon pistol…

Well the torque bow is still around despite its explosive property being destroyed over 25 years ago lol.

TC has take some liberties when it comes to weapon lore. I’m down to see the digger return

It’s totally not like the COG just left them buried deep in mining facilities with plenty of weapons, supplies and mining explosives to use, or the necessary tools to make something that goes boom for the Torque Bow arrows.

Still not sure why we don’t have the Hammer of Dawn… It’s already in the game!

Scorcher though, brilliant addition. Was having fun with it and the Brawler class in Horde!

I d love to see a return of Gow 3 sawed-off as a pick-up weapon. The gun is just too funny.

Fairly sure it was explained that they just use normal explosives now.

Let’s be honest, besides the iconic lancer, hammer of dawn is a classic gears weapon that should never been removed.

That’s the weapon I would love to see back.

Safely, mortar and booshka. Can help in certain maps.

Talon is kinda meh…but I understand where you’re coming, TC could bring back the burst fire version from gears 2