Hoping bans are retroactive once quit option removed

With so much rampant going on lately due to quit option visible on the men, not sure everyone know tbut the quit penalty doesnt apply. Just had a power fluctuation today during my ranked match. By the time i logged back on gears, the ranked match has finished but th thing is, i had no quitnpenalty imposed whatsoever. I could get into matchmaking lobby normally. Plus my ranking didnt go down.

Once this get rectified, I hope TC give retroactive bans beyond 90 days.

Most of my matches so far where its a losing battle or someone keep getting owned they wuit out rather than stick it through.

I believe as of right now, quitters are exploiting this since ranking doesnt go down as far as I know sonce quit penalty doesnt apply.

I’m suprised there hasnt been a quick hotfix once this quit option became visible again.

So what you guys think TC should do?


I think rank should be taken out of gears if the game doesnt work the way its supposed to. it doesnt matter that the quit option is there or not people are gonna quit regardless, but less people will quit if this game wasn’t totally messed up


Personally after they fix the glitch I think they should make a way that quitters would only join other quitters like an “quitter only lobby” . And for people who don’t quit at all they can join each other too and don’t be with “quitter only lobby”. I not sure if they can put this in the game but seriously i hope gears 5 won’t be fill with all these quitters .


REPORTED for quitting. Enjoy your ban, jerk.
(just playing bro :smile:)

Interestingly, I had the same thing happen but it was a pc crash. I also wondered what was going on.

Yeah, I would prefer if everything was just placed on social. Let everyone quit if they want to.

I dont think they even deserve to even have a quitters lobby. For Gears 5, they could carry over Gears 4 bans on day one perhaps.


Because of this no quit penalty, alot of quitters are exploiting this. Hell I had a whole team quit on me multiple times. This is getting ridiculous now.

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I don’t think TC enjoys the word ‘retroactive’ as a lot of other people do judging by a lot of their choices on these recent achievements.

In this case, it will be an exception because 90% of the community probably detest quitters. They deserve punishment imo.