Hopefully, The new " Psychic " Execution isn't going to be as rare as a Reaper

While I am happy that we are going to be getting a new type of rare item for players to get. I hope that this doesn’t fit into the completion for Gears of War 5.

What I hope, is that players who have the execution will be able to spread it to other players by playing with them, or killing them, in a similar manner to how the Gears Of war 3 Infection achievement works.

What I am worried about, is that none of these TC members even play Horde mode, or any of the PVE modes. And that I will just have another permanently unavailable execution, just like " Carve. " And " Slicer. "
It reminds me of the Gears Of War Judgements’ Reaper medal, which is the only thing stopping me from earning the Seriously medal in that game.

One of them is actually the PvE design lead.

You can find @TC_Sera and (possibly more rarely) @TC_Shauny playing PvE modes.

I played a couple matches of exe yesterday and from the 5 players total in all games, didn’t run into any of them.

Hoping they’re not only on horde as I’ve never enjoyed PVE

When is the period that they will be playing and the execution can be earned? I need to clear my schedule. Just had a new baby but that’s not priority right now :upside_down_face:

No timeframe was mentioned. The blogpost just said that the reward will be given out at the end of each week or something. Presumably it’s an ongoing thing.


The achievement for seriously in judgment requires you to beat all declassified missions on insane and the medal requires you to complete that achievement. Seriously in judgment has nothing to do with all medal completion

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I played with Shauny on pve yesterday, on inconceivable. Theres not that many of them, so yes it will be rare.

I was lucky got in a match and it had low levels so I backed out and ended up with a dev two others from this forum.

It’s not going to be as rare

It’s going to be even more rare

or just put it into OP7

the Reaper skin was great. it got around the community virally and propagated as people spread it around. Amazing idea by Epic

as far as we know this execution does not work this way

Played with the guy a while back, was lucky enough to see his lobby hosted, despite some dodgy connection issues I had blast playing on Abyss with him and some other peeps.

I’ve had 10 games in the last day! Fair few rewards to hand out at the end of the week :smiley:


I fought and won against Reaper on Judgement.

I had to use the “Reaper tracker”, reloading almost every minute to saw if the Reaper was online and what game mode he was playing.

Even when there are more players to find, without a schedule will be difficult.

For PvP, you have Quickplay, the event, and 2 or 3 more modes. Also, ranked with 4 more modes

On PvE, Horde and Escape. 4 “modes” if you count custom and “random matchmaking”.

I would like to get this new Execution, but with Reaper I just got luck because he was in a timezone very similar to me (+/- 1 Hour), now I doubt that I can find the matches at the time that I can play.

Anyway, it’s a good idea. I liked a lot fighting against Reaper, and I stop playing when I won, so others players could have the chance to found him.

Also, you got the reward only for matchmaking them? Or you need to finish the match/horde to get it?

I’m extremely angery there are never any spots open to attempt to unlock it,

I’ve been stalking them on xbox for days and still can’t find any joinable matches. >:(

It can happen, a bit of luck is involved.


So… do the TC gang host their own lobbies or matchmaking? Or both?

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This was custom horde, i noticed shauny was doing custom versus 1 or 2 days ago.

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A bit of both, Shauny did custom versus lobbies for a while and posted on twitter making it easy to find, but then the issue for people was getting in and a few wonderful people (sarcasm) made a lobby with the same name to troll people.

To be fair, I wouldn’t expect anything less from GOW fans! :smiley:


I actually think it’s pretty trash.

I’ve done plenty of public matchmaking.

No TC people.

Don’t really care about the reward…but I could see how it would drive a completionist crazy.

Why would playing with anyone from TC warrant anything special?

I’m glad they are engaged. I’m glad they are playing the game.

It’s too arbitrary and random to put a reward with it.