Hopefully tc should takes notes over this

characters should be available by level since day 1. I still get gears 5 but if have any gear packs like 4 I won’t play.


Oh man, I wish loot boxes don’t exist at all…
But there is a Microsoft site for jobs kinda thing. And the company that needs job is 343 Industries. Developers of halo currently.
And there is a lot of reference for microtrsnsactions in the job descriptions,
So I really hope TC and 343 get notes from what is happening. Just look at how EA is screwed now just from microtrsnsactions.


I don’t mind if they release characters and maps that are GUARANTEE everything but still this is gambling and I’m thankful that governments are finally trying to stop the gambling.


Even if there is no microtransactions, they will no doubt mitigate that with absurd DLC prices.

Because TC will most likely have to meet long term revenue targets as a result of MS buying the Gears IP and give investors a return on their investment

Another potiential reason is, its getting more and more expensive to develop Gears and so they need like a revenue supply from the game after MS intial investment.

If Epic Games said it would costed them $100 mill to make Gears 4, what if the price is actually more than that now

I don’t have a problem with the micro transactions its the RNG that I have a problem with as do many others. I bet they would make more money in the long run if they sold individual packs. I’d actually buy some as I like the BS characters. But I’m not gonna pay for something for a chance at a character that i might not get

I don’t actually mind the RNG loot box system at all for Credits.
What I do mind is possibly not getting a certain, specific Black Steel character I might want if I purchased an eSports Supporter Pack which I haven’t done yet so far.
Why not have both level progression unlock characters and RNG loot box if they can be spent with in-game earned Credits economy?
As for RNG paid Packs, I’d rather they were guaranteed content purchase than leaving up to chance.
Imagine if there were no RNG loot box system in form of Featured Pack where you couldn’t spent with earned Credits.
Characters may be unlockable by spending real money?
We got so many characters so far from Featured Packs but having to collect them with real money or all characters unlocked through level progression?


I agree that the in game credit loot boxes don’t bother me a bit. You play more and you hav more to spend. The government can’t regulate loot boxes based off an in game currency. The loot boxes are not that bad but I do wish I would get stuff from progression as well.

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Agreed, a balance would be nice. Gears of War 3 felt much more rewarding in regards to getting characters, A prime example being the Savage Theron for completing Beast Mode on Insane.

…I still think it should’ve been Queen Myrrah though, she shouldn’t have been playable from the start.

While eSports can be pricey (having to buy multiple packs due to a repetition of the same character you DON’T want) I don’t mind using ingame currency either. The option to use real money is there as well for those that don’t have the time to accumulate credits but still want the packs. It’s entirely optional that way.

Since AAA games are trying to milk us like the free2play market how about stealing other ideas, for instance we can’t buy the e-sports packs for credits cause they need the cash but what if you could sit there and watch adverts in game for half hour then get a paid pack as a reward? So they could get paid by advertisers, ppl who don’t wana buy stuff can give their time in exchange for stuff of value, publishers make extra income after initial sale, an those who don’t wana watch ads don’t, buy some instead. Win win

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