Hopefully playable soon?

When are we going to get Marcus’s Dad as a playable character. I personally find the rich history and importance of Marcus’s Dad very fascinating and would love to play as him. I’d even be ok if Marcus’s Dad was a skin for Marcus, Son of Marcus’s Dad.

Bikini Marcus’s Dad for a skin


I believe the name you are looking for is Adam Fenix.

When they separate chars from classes maybe that will open up the characters that can be used in horde. We could get a Adam skin one day. I’m still waiting for an Anya and Hoffmen skin.

Not sure who Adam Fenix is but he sounds cool. Hopefully they add him too. I would just really like to play as Marcus’s Dad. We haven’t seen him in the story since he we last saw him on Marcus’s dad’s island at the end of three.

Bro it seems you forgot what his name is even

I’m sorry. I’m bad with names. I can only remember the characters added currently because I can read them. Like Marcus, Son of Marcus’s Dad

ahh i see a classic troll well played my sir well played. You are right though i would like to see Marcus’s dad’s dad too even!

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I want to play as the first thing to ever evolve to form Marcus’s genetic lineage

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