Hopefully Horde is not Neglected

We are getting 2 new Horde characters soon, so I’m not worried but it would be nice if they did some balance tweaking with the existing characters too. I think they can add a lot to Horde and I hope to see it grow like the other modes.

On a side note, please do something about cards we keep accumulating once we max out a Skill at 5. Thanks

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They are going to eventually add a level 6 for skill cards. Plan on 20 duplicates needed. I’m thankful for that. Gears 4 saw me scrap all the duplicates which made me really mad when level 6 was announced.


Personally I think next operation will be a huge horde update like when feral horde and horde frenzy came out. They usually add a huge chunk to horde all at once. Expect operation three to be horde map packed, lvl six cards, and horde light. I think they’re also working on classic horde with no cards or fortifications.


That would be great…on some of my characters, It’s painful equipping only 5 cards, I wish I had 6 spots some of the cards are really nice but I have to make tough choices lol.


I mislead you. Sorry. The level of the skill will eventually go to 6. The number of cards equipped will stay at 5 as far as I’m aware.

Classic horde👍


Put in Gears 2 or 4.

There you go. You’re welcome

Smart as you are…4 aint classic…:roll_eyes:

Ah right thanks I had a brain fart there lol…yeah going to 6th level on each skill is nice too! I just hope they keep adding and fine tuning stuff to Horde over time

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As far as i am concerned, the only way to save Horde on Gears 5 is to re do the whole Energy thing. energy for personal skills. Wrong !!! No one dumping Energy. Wrong !!! The Forge added. Wrong !!! Fix these things, and you got a start at making Horde good.
The Forge, in my personal opinion, was added so anyone playing Jack had something to do, lets face it, you are limited with that character. And the present situation with Energy, the Forge is needed. But the point is, it never, nor should have needed it in the first place.
The Engineer should be the only one building, therefore putting more value to that character, and you should only have the one Engineer.
The Scout seems to me to be somewhat redundant, it is time that the Scout was given its role back in Gears 5 Horde, as it did so in Gears of War 4 Horde.
Jack, in my personal opinion, should be allowed to repair, but not build.
As for the other Classes, the Sniper snipes, to this day, i still do not know what to think of the X-Ray vision shoot through walls crap. The Tank, obviously has an important role to play in Gears 5 Horde, and it should have better aggro creating abilities, after all, is that not the job of a Tank, to Tank damage.
It is possible to rewrite the crap that is Gears 5 Horde, but it will take time, and a huge update to complete. But The Coalition owe all us gamers playing the game, so i think, or more to the point know, they should just do that.


Think we’re stuck with it halo…their probably going to add more nonsense moving forward…god knows what cards their going to invent for all these “heroes”…perfectly good mode ruined for money and players from other franchises🤔

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How often do you keep trying to make the same terrible points over and over?

  1. The engineer should NEVER be given complete monopoly over the fabricator, all it will serve to do is for selfish players to spam Sentries and ignore the team completely. If anything, your issues about power depositing is down to teammates. I would suggest playing higher difficulties where more players will know better to balance perk power usage and power for the base building. Perks aren’t the problem, players are. 5s Horde already makes you too reliant on the engineer which is too much of a hindrance and the bloody lead MP designer(or whatever his role is called again) admitted this in his own forum thread.

  2. A Scout’s role is NOT to be a power hog for everyone else. Look at other games like Team Fortress 2 where Scout has an active combat role. If you think making it a power collection role is going to make the class relevant, it won’t. All it will serve to do is drive players away from the character. Besides, build Jack a Forge and upgrade it to Level 4. If he has the Optimizer skill maxed or leveled enough, you’ll have more power than you know what to do with, especially if you can also throw in some power taps. In fact, I believe that TC directly changed Scout to a combat role after complaints that it was extremely boring to play in 4 Horde and you were expected to have at least one power related skill at all times. If JD wasn’t so ridiculously OP, Kait would have more of a spot on a team.

  3. The term “Tank” seems to be used very loosely by TC. The “tank” hardly survives anything more than the other characters, besides possibly Mac in Escape if he has Venom Resistance at Level 4 or more and Crazy Tough for 50% extra health, and even then he doesn’t survive that much more in Escape than the other characters. While they maybe should have more ways to draw aggro of enemies, they don’t have the tools at their disposal they need to survive heavier fire either.

Hoping so!!!

It’s such a bad system you can’t pick the same character and somehow if you do there is a random system in place that switches it. When these new characters come out everyone will play them so other won’t even have a chance to try them out it’s stupid.

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Yup! I mentioned something similar about this a couple of months back. The garbage hero system is one of the reasons why Gears 5’s horde mode is dead to me.

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Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with you on every single point you’ve made.

  1. I disagree. The engineer should have the ultimate say over the fabricator. I can’t tell you how many times newbies would come in, die, buy another weapon, buy another fence, buy a sentry etc wasting thousands! And because TC doesn’t believe in tutorials this happens literally every time! To the point where no one want’s to play with newbies and they probably get frustrated to when every match everyone leaves. I think the answer to this would be to simply add a toggle switch. “Allow Team To Build Fortifications On Off” By default, it would be on which would be fine as most veterans know the deal. But if you get newbs or trolls (lets face it those exist too) you could just toggle it off and continue the game. “Allow Team To Upgrade Fortifications On Off” also. Perfect.

As far as spamming sentries I never do that, I try to balance between what I can support and what can help the team without littering the battle field with crap. We can always block, avoid that player.

  1. What? They should of left scout alone and continued the roll into 5. Scout was the most fun. You got the most health, you could jump into the fray and take the fight to the enemy and doubled + 60% the energy. I’ve literally heard no one complain about being a scout. I tell new players all the time go to scout first because every team can always use a good scout. Not so much in Gears 5… no point.

  2. I’ll agree with ya… so… I gave up on Escape & Horde modes in 5. Just not fun and seems to be heavily stacked against you. You are right, I noticed no real difference between players in Escape. Picking up a shotgun with 3 rounds in it! Not even worth the time.

I’ve gone back to Gears 4 and noticed lately that more people have as finding matches are a lot easier now since the release of 5.

Not every Engineer is a glory hogging sack of sheet, there are some of us that actually play for the team. I build defences for just that, defence. I hate build MG Sentries, because they cost too much to repair and reload, i prefer Shocks Sentries. Anyone noticed the lack of a Turret, i have, i very much prefer to chuck out Two of them per game. My main focus is Barriers, then Sentries. I hate the whole set up The Coalition created for the Engineer, it lacks creativity now. Horde seems to be based around Jack now, building the Forge is key now for Energy.
And, Perks are the problem, along with the bloody Forge. Wasting Energy on Perks is a huge problem. The Engineer is the “Builder”, it is the Engineers job to Repair and Build, therefore he/she need dominance over the Fabricator, which includes postitioning it.
And for the Record, Scouts are lightly armed and Armoured Soldiers whose job is to Scout ahead for the rest of the Army, in Gears 4 Horde, they were Tanks. In Gears 4 Horde they were designed poorly, because how they should have been designed is, as either Tanks or Collectors, there were not enough Cards to have a Hybrid (my personal opinion there). In Gears 5, they should have been the same as in 4, but as i have described, Tank or Collector, or in this case, just a Collector.
We all have a problem with the term Tank, but as with most games with a set up like this, they all should follow the same rule as in World of Warcraft, Tank, Healer and DPS, in Gears, Tank is/was Scout, Healer is the Engineer and DPS, well, that is what is left. However, with the changes for 4 to 5, designated roles have changed, but the gameplay stays the same… Tank, Healer and DPS.