Hope Escape and Horde players can earn cool skins and rewards also

I hope the Devs have good Rewards for the Escape and Horde players that don’t like to play ranked and versus mode

It is likely that most will be the same.

I believe its all tied into the tour of duty. didn’t read anything about unlocks specific for a certain mode yet or i have missed that.

TC did say Escape would have its own rewards but prepared to grind for those best times.

There’s an achievement where you have to complete three Tour Of Duty objectives in a day. It’s only 5G, so it should be reasonably straight forward and it sounds like there will be three daily objectives. Maybe there will and so be some more grindy weekly and monthly challenges too? Either way I suspect the customisation rewards will require players to complete these objectives. Not sure exactly what the criteria would be - like if you’re expected to complete EVERY one in a single season or something. That would suck cos missing even just missing one would screw you over. Hopefully it will be a little less demanding and give players some wriggle room, like completing 85% of them or something.

Anyone who has played Halo: Reach may recall this kind of system too - from memory there was three daily objectives each day, one weekly one, and one monthly one. I think other games also do similar thing too but I’m not as worldly experienced to know and reference any others! Halo: Reach’s objectives were all mixed across Campaign, Versus PVP, and Firefight.


I assume it has to do the the Tour of duty rank you can obtain like milestones.
the daily’s and etc challenges give you a 1-3 stars depending on difficulty when you reach 10 stars you rank up.
I can’t remember what it was in the tech test. but i think it was 3 daily’s and something else i can’t remember.

Yeah, I presume it uses the usual GOW ranks of bronze, silver, gold, onyx etc, and each subsequent rank requires more stars? I just hope that to achieve the max rank to qualify for the reward, there’s some leeway in case you miss a couple of objectives.

I’d also hazard a guess that there will be rewards for each of the ranks, so you might get a banner for bronze, different weapons and Iron for silver, gold and onyx, and a character for diamond?

There were 3 challenges with timers (they were less than a day), but you could also use iron to get another challenge right away, with the first being free.

Aye, that would be amazing. Unlock characters that you can’t play in Horde nor Escape. Whoopeee.

Should do buddy

@Bleeding_Pepper I remember Halo Reach very well and you are absolutely correct. I wonder if they were consulting with Frankie for parts of this game.

Wouldn’t be surprised. The narrative seems that the new studios Microsoft bought as well as the established ones frequently meet up to exchange ideas and tech.