Hooded Skorge Fan Art By StormySkorgi On Instagram

I had this amazing master piece of Hooded Skorge as seen in the Rise of Raam comic made for me by an amazing talented person on Instagram that goes by the name of @stormyskorgi, did an absolutely amazing job at making this. You all should go check em out on instagram and even get your very own :smiley:

P.S. A Hooded Skorge Variation of Skorge himself in Gears 5 would be awesome :smiley:


A little anime-esque not a whole lot of Skorge DNA in the visual to identify him as such but cool nonetheless.

I would certainly be more interested in this more so than a β€œRonin Skorge”

This is actually pretty neat

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It looks like Azreal from Batman

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Looks good. I like the idea of him having a mask too

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