Honest view on gears 5 TC please read!

So I happen to actually love gears 5 and I know that’s a very unpopular opinion but hear me out. Going to give my honest feedback and constructive criticism. After this latest TU4 update I feel the gnasher is about as good as it can be. Maybe they can lower the gib range just a tad but I feel they nailed the gnasher and they should not touch it again or any other weapons as they all feel great. Well besides the darn hammer weapon. I think the movement feels great to me and if they adjust anything maybe just a bit faster slide to cover and that’s all. There are some glitches in the game still and server problems that need to be fixed but as a game on a whole I feel that it’s dam good. Besides the slight tweaks here and there and bug fixes I feel the only thing they need to work on is content for this game as that’s the biggest area that they are lacking. Characters and maps are the biggest issue at the moment and this 3 month wait I feel is hurting the game more then anything about the gameplay. Maybe in between operations they could release 2 characters and maybe another map or two. This is just my opinion and I know I will get a lot of hate for it but I love the gears 5 gameplay and wouldn’t want it changed besides very little tweaks. Even if they didn’t I still feel they nailed the gnasher and movement and hope they don’t touch it anymore. Just get the content rolling TC as that seems to be your biggest struggle. Maps are very important to gears and we currently only have 8 maps in the game and we are coming up on 5 months after release. I never count gears 4 transfer maps and escape tile ffa maps. But I want to thank you TC for the work you continue to do. I love gears and I know your hard at work but thank you for your dedication. Now let the content roll.


Thanks for the positive take, I endorse this post.

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Thank you

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I also wonder if TC going to fix sticking to wall issue. It’s the only drawback that i could think about atm…