Honest Versus Feedback

So after playing the game for a couple of weeks. I really enjoy it. The campaign is great too. However, there should be improvements on versus. I prefer Gears to show me when Operation 1 will end exactly so I don’t have to worry about it ending without me knowing. Also, I noticed some versus maps and cosmetics a little lacking. I feel like there isn’t enough maps and cosmetics as well as vamos. Another major thing is supply drops. I don’t keep track of what I get because I don’t even know what I’ve received. I prefer to have a animation where I can see the supply drop opening and see what I receive and to add to that, have an option where I can see how close I am to receive another supply drop. Another thing is that is every supply drop common because I don’t think there is elite supply drops anymore. Overall, I enjoy the game but I feel like more work should be done on versus. This is honest feedback.

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