Honest thoughts so far on the game

I started playing Gears of War around Gears of war 2. I have slowly watched the game change and morph over the past few years from a slower paced game, to a high paced game, to a slower paced game again. Putting it in perspective, I was not a fan of Gears 4 even though it was much like 3.

Firstly, I would like to start with the Lancer. I love the gun used as a support weapon, however, I really do feel this time it has become extremely overkill. The map design makes crossing so easy from anywhere on the map. And with the new damage feedback, coupled with the pinpoint accuracy really makes this game frustrating. I feel as if maps just turn into stale mates now, rather than a fast paced shooter that made this game famous. War of attrition, is not fun to anyone. Sitting in one spot, mowing someone down hundred of feet has never been a Gears of War thing. I dont get why it is like this now, and I think significant changes need to be done to the Lancer, either reducing the damage, decreasing crossing locations, or slowing down the gun fire in general to make it less lethal and to encourage all styles of play.

Secondly, my god the Gnasher. I feel as if the gun has so much more of an impact when used, but the inconsistency on gibs is honestly insane. I have multiple clips from yesterday where I land 99 percent, all pellets landing shots, where they gib me from the exact same distance .002 seconds later. Its honestly extremely frustrating. It honestly feels as if the game encourages you to shoot second. Waiting to shoot is essentially encouraged when in a shotgun battle, and bouncing really isn’t even a thing anymore considering how easily you do get gibbed by an enemy at times. I like the shotguns impact, and its feel, but it needs tuned for consistency.

Thirdly, High Ping Warriors. This one is a big big big gripe of mine. There is no reason that in 2019, someone who has 100+ Ping should be able to eat my shots point blank, take 90+damage somehow, and then gib me from the same distance. I dont know why this hasn’t been corrected in the past few Games of Gears, but it is truly getting old. Firstly, I shouldnt even be connecting with 100+ ping individuals on a new released game when I have a 30 ms ping on eastern servers. They either need to address this, or set it so you can lock your region location to only connect with similar pings. This is the only game I have ever seen where you can sponge bullets with a high ping. In fact, any other game, i.e fortnite, call of duty, halo, etc… higher pings means you are at a disadvantage.

Lastly, King of the Hill Spawns. What the heck are they. I literally have people appearing in front of me like a chapter in the bible with angels. Theres no reason after 6 games with KOTH, that you cant figure out a fair respawning system that doesn’t give an advantage to either team, or have you literally get spawned on. I have had to many games where we are the better team but the enemy keeps saying hello with a two second spawn protection literally on the Hill.

I do like Gears of War 5, but things need fixed, and they need to stop catering to the people who have slower Internets, and those who seem to shoot second and win. The game needs a lot of major work if you’re going to keep people involved.