Honest thoughts on ranked Control

I should start off by saying this isn’t one of those insta ‘I’ve played two games of control give me KOTH back’ posts

I just want to give my thoughts on it replacing KOTH and what can be done to improve it in my opinion and it would be nice to see what other people think.

I have been playing the new mode for almost a couple hours so its not the longest amount of time but I have had it on a few different maps. So I kind of have a basic idea how a few rings play out on different maps in a competitive environment rather than a quickplay environment. For me, I kept asking myself ‘What does control offer that KOTH doesn’t?’

I think control promotes a bit more close quarters play because of how big the ring is and therefore easily broken. I have seen more people playing closer to the ring than they would in KOTH where they would take further away positions and lancer people trying to get a break. So that’s quite nice, I am not a fan of lancer spam.

Other than that I don’t really have anything else I like about it.

I would say the rounds are too short. I was expecting a best of 3 thing like KOTH. It feels like games end too fast and there isn’t opportunity to get rolled over the first round but make a 2-1 comeback like in KOTH. That could be easily fixed tho.

I am not really sure what else could be done to improve the mode because it is what it is. I do miss KOTH already as its a staple for the franchise and you could get some really close and intense matches in it. At the moment my control games have been really one sided but that could be due to rank reset.

I guess its worth saying that I know a lot of people are KOTH only players and changing it to a social playlist could seriously hurt the longevity of the game. It might not, but I think its a serious potential threat to gears 5.

These are just initial thoughts and I may come to like control more than KOTH, you never know. Its very early days :relaxed:


I’ve only played KOTH this game besides one match of 2v2.

Tried Control when it was an event and the ring is too humongous, it was smart when you set up in KOTH and no one needed to be inside the ring.

But hopefully TC see what’s more popular in switch the two modes in their respective playlists

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Like both. But control wins it for me. The lancer takes forever to kill someone who’s downed tho right now. Not sure if this is mode specific or what.

Yeah I shot someone with 3 snubs, 3 gnasher from side stairs to under long shot … they lived. :slight_smile:


Thoughts you say…Well after one game I’m playing Ranked Hill on G4.

Absolutely asinine decision to make it 1 round.

It is strange how TC give us what we don’t necessarily want, remember Blitz replacing Hill in UE! they did sort it out eventually but still.


It still kinda feels like a mode I would play if I wanted some casual fun if I had 10 mins to spare :cry:

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Exactly, CASUAL. Not for ranked. They simply have to “fiddle”


Pisses over king of the kill, it just needs to be best of two rather than one quick slap dash round.

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Hi mate, not for me but best of 3 would make it “bearable” at least.

To be honest the whole ring stuff isn’t for me. I’ll be playing the OG Guardian :sunglasses:

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Simple. Went back to Gears 4 and now Im a happy KOTH player again.


Please also reduce execution to only one round. Would definitely make it more thrilling.

OP implying that others have dishonest thoughts on control?

1 round is very bad, it really looks like a social mode

I like the mode, but hate it for “competitive” under the circumstances TC has given us.

The mode plays worse with bad randoms than KOTH imo. And the matchmaking for “competitive” leaves a lot to be desired. My experience has basically been playing stacks as a solo.

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Look on the bright side, now that its forced crossolay, you have no excuse to not stack with me. You no longer have yo solo against stacks. Isn’t that great!

Except for the fact that I hate stacking. If I play with others, I tend to keep it at one other person.

I get why you and others do it, but nah.

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walks away dejected

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I’ll play with you, Just not in a stack :wink:

I have ADHD and playing in a stack is super hard for me to be able to play and focus on the game while listening to 3 other people talk. I can do it with one other person, but anymore than that and I feel like it hinders my play. I CAN stack,but basically not while using comms, but most people want comms in a stack.

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Yeah I really can’t play and talk. So I do tend to play better solo. I just find it too boring.

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