Hold X to Curb Stomp

Since tapping B just kicks the downed enemy and holding it will only let you do weapon executions, just map the curb stomp to X instead. Tap X for meatshield, Hold X to make them eat boot.

@TC_Octus If you could pass this on to the programmers ASAP me and many others would be eternally grateful!


Seems like a no-brainer. Or they can pull some reselling bs, but it looks like everything’s earnable, anyway.

Even so, it should be part of the base controls.

I can bet you 50 bucks right now and say that the curb stomp is a earnable execution.

Hold X for Curb Stomp.

Tap for Meatshield.

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Hate to break it to you, but TC Octus addressed this in the beta. He said they forgot to add the feature but would pass it along to the team responsible for fixing it to get it put back in for the retail release. Well… here we are and no curb stomp. Just like judgment, I have a feeling it’s gonna be brushed aside AGAIN while the team works on their roadmap of content.

How one of the most important features to the GOW series was forgotten, not once, but twice (while the bots can do it based off old code) is beyond me! Not only that… in a campaign cutscene, one of the cog curb stomp a drone or juvie in plain sight, yet they leave it out.

I’m just beside myself here, wondering how something so important to the series was left out, was brought to their attention during the beta, and still wasn’t added (like, hold the x button to curb stomp while tapping x picks up a meat shield).

I just can’t even…

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it was brought back as an earnable execution in the next tour of duty. Not saying it definitely will, or if it does that is how TC would do it, but that is my guess.

I hear ya. Just from what I’ve pieced together, earnable executions only apply to weapons. It seems like they’d have to make a whole new menu just for the curb stomp (which would be a huge undertaking) and I doubt they’d rush to get it in the game this soon. They already have an internal roadmap spread out over X amount of months/possible years, so I don’t think they’d wanna rush to create a new menu/feature before their planned stuff.

I’d like to think that it’s an easy fix and they already have ppl workin on this since the beta, but honestly, I don’t think so.

Now, like the face punch execution, I suppose they could add on the “curb stomp” execution and have it equip on the snub (which would be a quick fix to get it in the game), but it’s always been a separate standalone execution that ppl really wanna see it on a separate button, like it used to be on the Y button. Yea, we’d all like to see it in the game, even if it means adding it onto the snub as the custom execution, but still, it goes against the way it’s been for however many games now as it’s own dedicated Y button.

So yea, the quick fix is add it onto a pistol as a custom execution, but that takes away from the overall “feel” of what a gears DBNO execution is. We basically always had 3 DBNO options… 1 button for a meat shield, another button for the weapon specific execution and the 3rd button for the curb stomp. Not fixing it properly and just adding it onto a weapon as a custom execution just won’t feel the same. Yea not every game was setup like that, but it became a feature to expect as each gears game released after 2. Not doing it properly is just going a step backwards.

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