Hold on just a darn second/Does this mean

Now tell me this isn’t true or if it is boy is this a cheap TC stunt.If your currently a general you get reset back to private for op2.Reading between some of the lines in some other threads posted here are starting to make me wonder now,all the time and effort to make general possibley for nothing and this isn’t like reuping where you can choose to do that at least.

Every three months.
The tour ranks mean nothing. It is just a run of unlockables. It has nothing to do with your xp or reups, or anything like that. You have the General banner (and a bunch of cosmetics) to show that you finished Operation 1.


What would be the point if you stayed General? It means nothing once the achievement is unlocked, and the ranks are literally just a way to measure your progression through the Tour.


Lol wow just wow Shino


Lmao what did you think would happen…you would just stay general and all the new tod2 earnables would just unlock instantly at launch because you were general in tod1.

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No,why should anyone lose rank after all the effort it to to get there,why attack me because i don’t my effort lost for worthless banners,flags,emotes,booldstains or a bit of iron,i’ll gladly keep my rank over this useless worthless nonsence!

That’s how a battle pass works, which is what the ToD is. Oh my dear sweet, sweetest Shino…


What are you on about?All you get is a banner and you still get to keep and display that banner showing you are general from tod1. The only thing reset is the reward timeline. How can you say nobody should be reset. It’s not like your rank or something-it’s a reward ladder and you got all the rewards for tod1. You still keep your general banner which is the only thing that shows you are general.You are arguing one of the most ridiculous points in this entire forum.

I mean it could be worse…

The servers shut down and you lose everything…

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Just think of all the time people spent trying to complete weapon skin sets in gears 4 just for them (including myself) to never play the game again. Imagine actually spending real money to do that and then never even use them in game (not including myself). All that just for them to eventually disappear forever once the servers get switched off :sweat_smile:

Oh god shino…just…shino please delete this man lol…

The only ranks that remotely matter are your tier ranks.

Still amazes me how there are people who want every piece of content/dlc because they are “collectors”. I am sure putting that on a job resume will help them get that high paying job they want. I really do wonder that once the game is done with and a few years later they go back and say “Wow, I sure am stupid for spending money on dressing up Ken and Barbie”


It’s the paying money for it and then never even using it in game I don’t understand. Crazy but TC know how people think and these “collectors” are always the victims without even realising it.

Even if it’s not money lost, it’s time lost. I personally got trapped into grinding for credits on gears 4 to complete sets. I realised it quite quickly and although I’m disappointed about the seemingly lack of free quality content so far on gears 5, I’m actually glad as I probably have more free time to enjoy real life.

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lol it doesn’t mean anything anyway since no one knows that you’re a general, unless you get MVP and have the banner equipped or you’re rocking the Team Rock skins.

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Well all this stuff useless without online acsess to.

Most of this game features are useless without online acsess,maybe we are really all getting played here,we pay for alot of things that are only there until the game ends,in reality were just renting the content and not owning much of anything.

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Only @SHINO_BAZ would quote and answer @SHINO_BAZ. Lawd bless your heart. :blush:


Come on man!! This is certainly a new low for shino

But it’s Shino, so nothing he does or sais can be seen as low/bad. You keep doing you @SHINO_BAZ.:grin:

I just got real depressed all of a sudden.


Ffs Shino :roll_eyes:

Shino my man, you’re talking as though this was a real military rank you’re being demoted from.

The “ranks” are just abstractions to refer to how far along the Tour of Duty you are. If they don’t reset them, then they have to invent a whole new set of ranks above General to keep it going.

Classic Shino thread.

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