Hoffman & Marcus

I really wanted to see a reunion with Marcus and Hoffman. Maybe even see marcus reluctantly take Hoffmans position as Battlefield Commander in the COG. That would have been awesome to see Marcus decked out with his new suit in verses.

It would also be a great way to keep Marcus in the franchise without killing him off that I think the fans would appreciate.

Na Marcus is and will only ever be a soldier. He was probably offered the role of Chairman after the war but that’s not him. It would have been cool if Marcus meet up with Hoffman or even Griffin at some point in the campaign

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Adam wanted Marcus several times to be an officer or in a political or scientific position in the COG regime but he didn’t want special treatment. Marcus wanted to be a soldier through and through. Yes, he’s intelligent and would make a fantastic strategist, but he’s always wanted to be in the sh^t and I respect his character for that.


Exactly, I’ve always said kinda like batman as he always has a plan or can come up with one on the spot if need be.


Marcus would never, ever accept such a position. Thinking he would is failing to understand the character.

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Your right.

Where do yawl think his story will go? And Hoffman’s?

If you want to know more about Hoffmans story check out the hivebuster comics.

As for Marcus he was/is/ and always will be a frontline soldier. Sargent is the highest position hes ever been if I recall correctly

I don’t think so man… Marcus its like Babe Ruth he is the best of the best, A TRUE TOP GUN. and people like that don’t have desk jobs…

Its like asking an EMC Specialist to become a EMC Sales Executive, that would never happen man.

Hoffman is probably gone for good the voice actor has health issues, Marcus most likely will die in a blaze of glory in 6.

Just my thoughts.

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In large part due to his distrust of the COG. He basically only suits up when the Locust are destroying the planet and only takes charge of a small group that he trusts.

The “Shut the ■■■■ up, Fahz” scene articulates his relationship to the COG perfectly. A sergeant should absolutely not have the amount of pull he has, and he shouldn’t be on equal footing with the first minister, let alone see her on the regular. But the rank is superfluous at this point. Marcus is the war hero who killed Myrrah with his own bare hands. He doesn’t need a higher rank for people to respect him.

That said, he also doesn’t champion the COG and distrusts everything it does, going back to how he was locked in the slab to rot for a decade before the war got so bad that they pulled him back out to fight, and possibly even before that with how Carlos’s death hardened him. Remember his opening conversation with JD in Gears 4, when he scolds him in front of his friends about going to the COG, and then the rest of the campaign when Marcus essentially holds up a middle finger to the COG the entire time while running away as a war criminal. Then, again, they made him “sergeant” now that the Swarm are a recognized threat.

I want to know more about Anya’s time as First Minister which, unless I’m mistaken, wasn’t mentioned at all in Gears 4 or the Karen Traviss books and just dropped out of nowhere in Gears 5. What was Marcus’s relationship to the COG then?

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You are right. Even without all that distrust, I dont think Marcus would even climb the ranks. He always wanted to be on the front line

And the Shut the f*ck up Fahz is 1 of the best parts of this campaign lol. And like you said he is the Locust war hero, thats why the new COG symbol is the “Phoenix” so Im sure he could get away with A LOT.

As for the the books sadly Travis stopped writing them after The Slab and we now have some new dude who cant hold a candle to her.

The only things to come out really after Gears 3 has been the Rise of Raam, Ascendance, and The Hivebusters. None of which really touch on anything pre Swarm. I too would love to read about Anyas time as FM. We only find this out during Gears 5, other than that we only know of the clean up of the crystallized locust that Anya and Marcus oversaw

Wishing him and his family the best during this time.

Hopefully his memory can be preserved with a good sound alike and the Hoffman legacy can be carried on in multiplayer modes.

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“Dead…Alllllll Dead that’s what I like to see”


That’s how I felt after season 5 of Game of Thrones lol :wink:


You got that right man !!

If anything, aside from Horde, Hoffman already has enough dialogue. Just get a sound alike to voice the flashbangs and boom, Hoffman’s ready for versus.

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All the new emote lines weren’t in Gears 4. “Flank them”, “grab that”, “thanks”, “group up”, etc.
Plus I’d like him to be in Escape because of his relation to that mode. They could give him some funny stuff to say.

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Any day you walk of the battle field alive is a good one.

Lol the casual almost sarcastic way he says it is priceless. He typically saidbit at the beginning of the mach

I Love hoffman.

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They could just have a sound alike voice those. The only lines that he’d really need is ultimate dialogue, and certain Swarm and Escape dialogue (which the COG Gear is missing).

“You smell like my dogs stink hole”. My personal favourite :+1:

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