Hoard problems 3.0

we should be allowed to choose which map when playing online hoard! alot of picky players out there. i cant never seem to finish a game with a full team … plz improve🦍

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That’s what Private Match exist for, and Season Pass.
LFG too, if want to specify.

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yea but if u dnt have a full team what’s the point in playing private
they sld make it to where we have a choice especially when playing with Randoms

Why should players be allowed to choose a Map in Public Horde?
I only know the reasons for why they shouldn’t.

  1. Devs spend time making those Maps and want them to be used.
  2. Biased selection of Maps, where some don’t get chosen as often as others.
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seems like whenever i play public hoard its the same map and I have the S.pass n still haven’t been able to play on certain maps unless i do private . just like ranked verus we should be able to choose that’s all im sayin

I know.
There are some Maps like Checkout that hasn’t appeared in long time, and probably not possible in Public at the moment.
Even if we could vote for Map in Public Horde, Checkout may still not appear for me.

Looking For Group

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I’ve only completed one Horde 1-50 public and that was the other day with @HUG3_N3WB and @GreatWhiteShark and two randoms and honesty our heavy was pretty useless to say the least. I had more kills as a Scout (Inconceivable Iron Man on Glory) and I didn’t have any weapon cards on. I think he finished with 23,000 points, lol.

Private horde all the way. I’ve finished so many Hordes by using LFG and even made many great friends.


Map voting should definitely be a thing in the next gears.

I’ve probably finished just as many in public with randoms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Won’t say it’s always easy though! In all fairness, I am Scout most often so I can kinda control some of the potential damage to team right off the top. You and others are correct. LFG or private with team is best. I don’t, but I go in knowing it’ll be chaos. There are plenty of great players on here willing to squad up.

I’d rather go into public so I can start when I want and not have to wait on someone or whatever. Kind of wish that the class system wasn’t a thing so this wasn’t such a big issue.

I generally fill up a match using LFG just as fast as finding a public match. These matches generally go smoother due to everyone working together and picking classes and setups that compliment each other. In public I’ve noticed a lot of players refuse to use different classes from their favorite along with cards that don’t fit the teams needs so things don’t go as smoothly as they could. It’s just my preference because I don’t like getting to wave 30 and having some random bail out on me causing a domino effect of quitting.

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That’s a pretty quick fill up then. It’s definitely better for finding a 1-50 group, although it shouldn’t be that way. Honestly, I’d rather someone bail at 30 if they are a soldier picking up all the power, or a heavy building his own fortifications.

That’s the main issue with public matches right there. You’re dealing with a higher likelihood of players being selfish and not working as a team. The best part about LFG is no one should act this way but in the rare case someone does you can boot them if I’m not mistaken. It’s also cool because every Engineer has a different method of running a map so it’s cool to see the possibilities. I know I had a setup on Harbor that was just insane and very Sentry/Shock Sentry heavy go cover all angles since we didn’t run any strike cards on Inconceivable. I actually thought it was a bit of overkill but we had the money, lol.

I like when engineers build out from the original base. It’s what I try to do, people get upset though.

Definitely, it’s fun to watch.

Horde is all about communication too. I like to talk to my teammates that also have strike cards so I know their intentions on boss waves as I like to ensure they have enough money for Ping/Strikes. Plus, it’s always a plus for them to be able to say “hey, can we get this amount of weapons lockers” because sometimes you need more depending on the map and overall setup of your team. The match on Harbor we ended up with 4 Weapon Lockers at Level 3 so each of the two Snipers had a locker and the Heavy had two of them. That’s more than I normally need to build but in this case they asked and it worked well.

In that public round @HUG3_N3WB kept telling the Heavy to stop killing the final enemy of the round so the scout (which was me) could collect all the money as Glory has a lot of ground to cover. Considering it was Inconceivable Iron Man there was no way I could just run out there as even maxed out I was a one shot death. He ignored it and kept going for the last kill which was always his one kill for the round. Talk about a useless heavy…


That is a common problem. Even when we m not Scout, it seems I need to ask players over global to “please keep one enemy alive to go be scout time to collect”. Sometimes works.

How do you type over global? I can’t figure it out.

For real. I swear half the players in public either don’t realize you get double pick up energy when done during the round or they’re just selfish. Either way it’s frustrating.

Map voting should definitely be a thing in public Horde. The problem with Private games is you don’t get bonus cards, and with the ridiculousness that is RNG packs, a lot of players are relying on those to get the last skill or 2 they don’t have. It took me a lot of public 1-50 games to finally get Berzerker for the Heavy. Even though I don’t use that card it’s still pretty stupid how long it took to acquire, especially as much as I play this game.

Edit: In case some people are still struggling to max our their Purple cards, Operations packs are the way to go. A while back I did an experiment where I spent 100,000 Credits on Horde Boosters and another 100,000 on Operations packs. After tallying up the purple drops, even in half the packs I still got more than double the purples from Ops packs.