Ho..Lee..Expletive...I just played with a ping of 1....and I'll tell you what

… it was the most glorious thing I’ve ever experienced.

I have a long post about my frustration with playing ranked with people living 2000 miles away (I’m in Virginia and believe I play mostly with Mexicans). Normally my ping is in the 20s because I don’t connect to my closest server. I have a ping of 1 on my local server (this is what I connect to for quickmatches but not ranked). There was even another player named “East coast killer” in my match.

I got 73 kills, in 2 rounds. Also had the most caps. And got MVP. I have never maxed my kills in 2 rounds before. Never.

My shots actually counted!!! When I shot someone at close range with a gnasher, they died. The difference was astronomical. The game felt so much smoother and easier. I could easily line-up my enemies and when I did, my bullets did damage (the one exception was the guy with a ping in the 90s who took an extra shot or 2).

Now I actually seriously wonder if they match me with a west coast server to “balance out” ping because they don’t want people having an unfair advantage of playing without lag and an inconsistent gnasher.

Imagine how great the future will be when the internet as a whole is faster and lag becomes less and less to the point where is minimal enough to not impact gaming. I can’t wait!



It was just a teaser. Next match was back to Mexico.

I feel vindication though that everything I’ve been feeling and saying is true. There is a local server with people playing on it at my rank that I am not connecting to and it is literally multiple times harder to get a kill when playing on a server all the way across the country.

You cannot image the difference between the 2 games played back to back. And in the second game my ping was high 20s and others were about 50-70, so it’s not like it was crazy pings. My shots just don’t register though. I also noticed that there is a degree of very subtle jumpiness that I didn’t notice until comparing to the smooth play of the 1st game. It was so easy to track players and line-up shots. But in the 2nd game (and every other game) there is this very mild, constant bit of lag that’s almost imperceptible, but makes it so much harder to accurately track players and line-up shots. I wouldn’t have noticed it without the comparison.

I’m gonna go watch Nexflix.

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There are two types of players. Those with single digit ping and above 80ms ping gods. And there are those of us with 20-40ms ping people who are the sacrificial lambs.


Oh that sounds nice lol. Maybe one day ill be connected to my nearest server.


…could you imagine how much better faster internet could help a slow game…when you figure that one out let me know as most ppl still playing the game don’t have issues with ping…

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This is me as well. Baaaaa. Bro. Baaaaa. Just played a quick KOTH match to do the versus daily and it’s a steady stream of bull, in all kinds of delightful ways. Two ‘top’ players in the match were 123 ping and 80 ping respectively. Players skip around, appear to move faster, eat shots, animations get skipped or come out super fast. The corn dressing topper on this steaming pile is of course the teabag smack, or my favorite - the meat shield pump. With me the pumpee. Really makes it all slide down good.

Mmmmmm. Yummmy.

I still play the versus as a casual from time to time, because it’s fun - basically - but i know the deal.

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I never have less than 90 ping so I can only dream with your feels now