Ho about a decent game

I’m hoping in 2019 gears will deliver a good campaign and well polished multiplayer. I’m just wondering if TC has a an overall plan for each game such as gears of war 2’s campaigns motto was “bigger better and more badass” which it infact did feel that way so I’m wondering what gears 5 motto will be.

what is gears 5 vibe, to me it’s about mystery and answering questions from what i’ve seen so far… but if you do not have a plan such as the first 3 games how it is played out?

another question i have is how many gears of war games do you guys think tc is making? i understand what they were going for… but the next game needs to pull it all together and the next one needs to finish it…

i wish they would take an extra year to polish and make sure gears 5 is amazing. gears 3 had been delayed an extra 6 months to polish it doesn’t have to be a whole year but if more time is needed i would like to see that.

it’s not the best-written post I’ve had, however, you still can reply constructively and respectfully on your guys thoughts.

Your post is incoherent.

Instead of calling an ex-girlfriend (or something like that) he chose to write his opinions here.

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okay but i make reasonable points you imbecile … what is their motto for their game? how are they going to play it out throughout the trilogy? whats gonna keep the franchise fresh… your the one who isnt putting anything to this post for i asked “how can we make the game play out well” and you literally reply about how i should be texting my ex? looks to me your comment is 100 times useless than my pos… if your not gonna positively reply about the game… idk why your here lol


lol your going to tag a moderator so my post gets taken down but your not constructively giving me feedback on it?? lol you dont make sense on why you even commented.

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