Hivebusters missed opportunity?

We def need that dlc or a stand-alone single player game. New AI. New BIG horde mode, and or overrun with swarm. No traditional vs multiplayer.

Boom. Launch with series x.

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I dont think escape is boring at all. And they did state that in order to make this many hives a tile system had to be used so new hives can be released in a timely manner. Even with the tile system, it takes weeks to release a new one. They do require a lot of work to create a good experience.

I hope for gears 6 they use campaign assets for horde and escape. So PVE is no longer on PVP maps. They use areas like act II or act III. Think what Destiny does. They can then focus on expanding areas within the campaign to create new content through Gears 6 life cycle.

Also in case you guys don’t know there a quite alot of community maps created that are pretty fun or you can make your own. If only they had cards that could be rewarded it would be great.

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