Hivebusters missed opportunity?

Just finished reading the hivebusters comic and man was it ever good. Anybody else read it? I really feel kinda bummed because this would have been awesome if they had have done this as a dlc story add on akin to what they did with Ramms Shadow or the Cole & Baird dlc from Judgement.


I have the book on order, so hopefully I can read soon. :slight_smile:

It was kinda disappointing. Art was all over the place as well as the pacing.

Still; Lahni in Dress - skin when?


I bet Sam wants to see Baird in a dress as well :rofl:

It’s a missed opportunity in the sense I really like Escape mode, but I feel absolutely no connection for these new characters. I’m not the type of fan who would go and buy the books, comics, animated movies and Marcus Fenix beach towel, so the only bits I hear about the expanded universe are really from other fans word of mouth. I’d love to know more about Keegan’s past career as an Onyx Guard, the events that led to Lahni being imprisoned, and what happened to Mac’s village and family.

With GOW5, even if TC didn’t want to do a whole separate mini-campaign (DLC or otherwise), the least TC should have done, was maybe present the very first Hive as a mini-campaign mission-type with some story dialogue, it’s own introductory cutscene etc. The rest of the Escape maps could be the sort of non-canon ones we have now.


They’re probably going to do a hivebuster DLC, the question is when in my eyes. Also curious what “new” stuff it’ll bring to Gears 5 and beyond.

Edit: Escape mode is boring because instead of you going on these really fun adventures into new areas every once in a while they’re a bunch of repetitive copy and pasted areas with set designs and very little in terms of exploration or excitement.

I dunno… I don’t mean to sound negative, but the game is coming up to a year old now. With past games any campaign DLC we had was released within that timeframe. I’d have thought that if they were working on this, then it would have been completed and released by now. I’d love to be proved wrong! It could be that TC are genuinely working super hard on it and have been keeping it super top secret, but like I said I’m not convinced this is the case.

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If you’ve ever watched the dev streams Dana always says “we don’t talk about future content”, now they seem to have no issue with talking about the possibility of RAAM or Skorge or whatever in Horde, this tells me that they won’t do anything with original locust/bosses. They never even mention that rumor at any point which tells me that it is very likely that they WILL have a hivebuster DLC, sometimes what people don’t say tells you everything.

Its important to note that any sort of SP DLC is very ambitious and probably takes significant amounts of time and resources to finish, like imagine every piece of content released for Gears 5 so far amounts of work…
What I mean is that COVID19 probably slowed this process down tremendously, although it is possible that it was axed I’m sure TC would’ve said so by now, its more likely that they thought it would be finished much sooner but due to everybody working from home process was slowed down.

I’ve already made these predictions before but it’ll likely tie together with Gears 6, so Scorpio squad will be in Gears 6 ultimately.

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Assuming Covid-19 didn’t slow production down too much my money is it’s going to either drop on the one year anniversary or at the start of OP5

This could be why we see Lahni wearing her upgraded armor on her nimble and brawler cards

Edit: I loved the book btw

on anniversaries of games companies usually like to say how far they’ve come in 1 year, they then pivot into what the future of the series will be. This does make sense, I suspect Gridlock (which has probably been finished for a long time btw) will be released on either Sep 10th or Nov 7th (Gears 1 anniversary) and a big announcement to happen either of those dates as well.

The question of whether or not they’ve cancelled it is likely dependant on how much was finished at that point to begin with, if they were say 50% done with it months ago (about 5 months to be exact) then no way in hell would they want to cancel something that was relatively close to completion. Again, they probably would’ve just confirmed it was cancelled or something, they also would’ve likely brought it up at some point in one of the dev streams but they never mention it.

the map Pahanu and even that recent tweet where they bring up the comics kinda tells me its still a thing, it is doubtful either would’ve been done if otherwise.

the bigger questions are if the DLC will be good, will it be purchasable with GC, will it have new enemies, etc.

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Yeah I got the collected volume just came in on wed was excited to read it.

LoL yeah that was funny to see her in a dress even in civies I wouldn’t have expected her to be a skirt girl.

That would have been cool to but honestly I’d take campaign dlc over that entire game mode. It was fun the first month the game was out but it lost steam with me after that.

As far as I know they haven’t done anything I just feel like this would have made a great story add-on.

I think you’re right, about all of it actually, so hopefully this is still something they’ve continued to work on

I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed ever since the hivebusters were spotted in different armour (and a new environment?) during the Microsoft Game Stack documentary, so here’s hoping we hear something soon

NEVER, Hope that answers your question.

That’s a pretty definitive answer, Care to elaborate on it?

I find it best just to enjoy Deadpools musings and antics that dipsh*t with a mouth says alot of smack. Amusing may it be but nothing to put stock into. Unless you like chimichangas and pancakes he’s got lots of capital in those products.




lol can’t fault your consistency mate

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It’s all good mate, it’s hard to take it to heart when he’s such an endearing little.■■■■ weasel

all I know is Keegan have hundred rounds of salvo in every hivebusters mission, the story is so boring as we kaboom all the way.

Give it time im sure theres plans for a hivebuster dlc campaign!!

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