Hivebusters is even better than Gears 5 (Light SPOILERS)

I hope if TC attempts something like that again it’s at least done well with plans in place instead of just Big open area that’s pretty pointless.

That’s assuming Sanctum was designed by a team of labcoats and not contractors and handymen under strict COG protocol and you know, a war going on might’ve removed all funding for anything else especially with most eggheads among the COG’s ranks focused on the war effort if not already taken to Azura.

And Lambency would be in the places where Imulsion would’ve been in massive quantities seeing the instability of Imulsion, the likelyhood that it’d be around multiple volcanoes seems less likely. It could be just that remote that Lambency never reached the islands. They made it to Azura, but there was no mention of a trench around Azura, just the storm, and once the storm was out they spread there too.

Could be like Sentinel island (Earth).

As much as I hate the “Negative Space” rationale that TC seems to love, the lack of information is not equivalent to massive unplugged plot holes.


Probably still getting support from certain connections in COG, Baird is most obvious candidate, but Hoff knew just about everyone so could be from a multitude of people.

One collectible states the Lambent did reach Pahanu, but even they didn’t do much to remove the local population.

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When the pilot died I instantly thought about the Condor chase in Gears 4. Because you’re led to believe that up until that point you’ve been fighting deebees - so no harm in destroying them. Does this scene suggest that by shooting down the Condor they actually killed at least one gear?


I think you mean the Vulture. We haven’t been told if those have human pilots but I believe that Condors and Vultures can also operate remotely without human control. Which seems safer as clearly Flocks can also take down Condors(and I still don’t understand how they smash through solid metal so easily), and their pilots seem to be as prone to death as Carmines.

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Well modern aircraft like Airbus and Boeing have an Aluminum 80% composition-by-mass, compared to around 13-15% for steel. Don’t ask why I know this, it’s just part of my job.

But it’d make sense if you thought about it, seeing as Planes need to be somewhat durable and still light enough to not only fly but in Gears’ case, hold a large mass of DB units and there were at least 20-30 seats for passengers as well.

Not to mention the Condors and Vultures probably weren’t designed with the Flock in mind considering they only started appearing a couple months before this takes place.

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I don’t think that a militarised society that used Lightmass missles and the Hammer of Dawn to scorch 90% of Sera’s surface is willing to listen to stories about some dangerous mythological creatures on a far away island. People who weren’t from the Islands thought the Wakaatu was a legend, even Lahni and her ancestors believed that.

You’re also assuming that scientists like Adam were allowed to leave Azura, which is not the case. In Gears 3, there are even collectibles telling of a scientist that got kidnapped during the Pendulum Wars and died in Azura of old age. If I’m correct, the lore tells that Prescot brought lambent samples to Adam by request because he wasn’t allowed to collect them himself. If Adam never knew about the Wakaatu he couldn’t have asked for samples.

Scientists are definitely curious. This does not however mean they have the time, resources and finances to research everything they want to research. A lot of potential research is actually limited or unlikely to be (ever) performed because of this.


Ah oops yes, you’re right.
The Flock is indeed a bit devastating in that scene. Considering what happened, I expected her to have died instantly, instead of being able to bail out of the plane. If would have been better if the Flock started swarming around the plane, with a bunch of them going into the engines. Makes more sense.

Probably not but the Leeches are fairly squishy creatures and I would liken it more to bird strike or even something with less impactful force instead of something that punches straight through the plane with no issues, and I know myself that usually plane windows are tested to resist birds hitting it. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

And I don’t remember there being a specific reason as to why that Vulture went down on Pahanu, only that Hana states it went down before they arrived, as well as the DBs being aggressive because “Not a COG mission”. Speaking of it, I would’ve liked to go into the Vulture’s cockpit.

I mean the story of Gears 5 is a lot better than Gears Tactics. Tactics has some nice lore but it’s script is cheesy, cliché and Gabe is the blandest Gears protagonist of all time. The dialogue is very very basic. It’s a good game, ai enjoyed playing it a lot, but Gears 5 is way better on the story front.

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A good response.

Anything is possible. Not highly like that all the events led to there being an island not infected with imulsion with a creature unknown, spewing an unknown substance, all while building a back up there.

Makes sense to me :face_with_monocle:

Cousins, was explained with the mask collectible in the village

And it would still make more sense than Thrashball Kait.


Yeah ngl i REALLY REALLY enjoyed hive buster’s story A LOT but I can’t quite say i enjoyed it more than Gears 5’s seeing as I have yet to complete it haha…

But yeah thats weird ain’t it? I completed the DLC’s story yet I could almost care less for the Main game’s…

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I think in a nutshell it is because the main storyline was more about showing how pretty Sera is (with a lot of backstory) of it, and Kait’s connection to the Locust/Swarm. I liked the campaign, but mainly because of the lore. They still haven’t properly developed Kait, JD and Del. Especially Del, of whom we pretty much still know nothing about, and we already have to accept that he might have died. I chose to save Del and felt terrible about it. It wasn’t because JD died, but because what it would do to Marcus. You shouldn’t feel bad about a character’s death just because of what it would do to another person.

Hivebusters has a straightforward line: how the idea of the Hivebusters was created and how Scorpio squad formed. You weren’t sent all over the place like in Gears 5, but stuck to just a couple of locations. You got to see how a couple of people who didn’t know one another started to bond, and you got to see their motivations for joining Scorpio squad. You get to see their personality, and you get the opportunity to connect with them. Therefore, I think that despite being so much smaller than the main campaign the DLC is much greater than the main story line.

It’s also interesting to see that some have complained that not much is being told about Keegan’s story, compared to Lahni and Mac. They missed the point, because that is exactly his problem: his story is boring. It’s what drives him, his last chance to fight and contribute because all he did was sitting on a luxury island while others got to fight. His story is a different kind of pain that you would usually see, actually kind of deeper. It’s the pain of ‘why am I here’ and ‘what did I actually accomplish?’. I think that, considering the huge amount of pain present in the Gears universe, this is an interesting different kind of pain to see.


Yeah… Congratulations TC.
This DLC is great !

I have learn to appreciate Keagan.
Because i dislike this bald head, really.
Please, just a skin with bandana will be a serious option, more as a commando style.
Now, with this DLC, i’m more opened with him.
Probably this charism…

Mac and Lahni, they are a very cool characters since the begining.

In the DLC, maps design are beautiful. Designers, good job, you are real artists, the world you have created is “magnifique” ! Bravo !

My only request, TC, is simple : can we have Hana Cole character to unlock as playable ? It would be very cool.


« Your wish will be granted! In Operation 6 or 7 maybe 8 or 9! »

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Missed playing campaign,but thoroughly enjoyed this DLC,Well done TC


This gif is a summary of 33% of the dlc


Another 33% would be all 3 busting a wall and falling 30 feet.